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Mai Shiranui-fanart

King of Fighters

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Valentine - Oh HELLO NURSE!

Skull Girls

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League of Legends

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Beautiful Rosemary Prower

Sonic the Hedgehog

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kyo X tohru

Fruits Basket

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Pokemon Gals

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Krystal Fox From Above


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Ami and Yumi

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Pinups and Poses

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Activate Daft Punk

Daft Punk

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Wix Parent Company Of deviantART Review

Political views

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Guy Fawkes Day

Share    |Archive    Guy Fawkes Day Burns one man's vendetta on fires of drunk delight while Heaven's rainbows burn and sparkle in the sky. The fascinated coo while boredom freezes cold and watches while his breath fades steaming into night. The pennies for the guy jingle in their tin while he a traitor burns, his Cath'lic soul in Hell. The animals run scared, not from fireworks, but from th'unholy sound of Guido's punishment. He screams a silent scream that no-one else can hear, save God and pets and Satan's wailing hordes. BaronAutumn (https://www.deviantart.com/baronautumn) “A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.” – Guy Fawkes      gu


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Political Wonka meme

Anti-Internet Censorship

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Meteor Shower


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The final plunge-Ken Marschall

Titanic and other shipwrecks

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Stop Blaming Stamp

Stamp and Fan Button Collection

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Character Compilation: Johnny Yong Bosch

Voice Actors

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Green Power and Planets

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[SFM/DL] Black Ops 3 Perk Bottles

Food and Drinks

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lonely cat


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Mr Trump crest remix

Symbols, Logos and Icons

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Gundam SEED Rebuild - Ch.6

Gundam SEED Rebuild Ch. 6 - Protect Martha Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam SEED. The Lockheed and Donnelly families, Glenn's immediate family, and Doug McLaney are my OCs. Andria Yamasaki is Titanic-X-21's OC. Mark Allen and Mackenzie Allen are ZAFT Convoy's OCs. To define each of us by our race is nothing short of a denial of our humanity. - Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Lockheed Residence, Jacksonville, Florida, Feb. 10, CE 54 Adrian washed his face and took a deep breath, ready for a long and tense night watching the operation in the hospital his wife was in. After talking with his friend, Halberton

Fan Fiction stories

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You know what kind of Comments I hate.

The kind that are a Compliment AND a Slap in The Face. For example. I Post a Pic of a Pairing I Like: Commenter: I don't care for the Pairing but Nice image. Me:...Uh...Thanks. Oh and here's another favorite of mine. Commenter: I don't like crossovers but this is pretty cool. Me:...Then what the fuck are you doing looking at Crossover pics? Commenter: :shrug: Me: God I hate those kinds of comments. Dunno whether to be pleased they liked my image enough to fave it despite it not being their cup of tea or be offended by their responses. XD

Journal and Text posts

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Blade Runner + Process

Background, Poster and Wallpaper

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You are wrong.


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Teen Titans Watch Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Teen Titans watching either the trailer or Thanos crashing down on their planet looking for the stones.

Memes and Death Battles

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Pusheen Cat

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