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Futuristica Rainmeter Skin

The compilation of rainmeter skins which I used for my futuristica desktop.
Enigma - [link]§ion=&q=enigma#/d1ptasn

Iron Man Jarvis - [link]
© 2011 - 2021 jawzf
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Thank you for this amazing artwork!

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this is awesome how do you make these on phone but actually use it like how they use it in the movie the Martian..?
This is nice. Clean crisp.. Well done.
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This thing looks amazing. It's so beautiful I'm actually reconsidering getting a Macbook pro :iconlaughingplz:
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I like the Jarvis interface.  I made some modifications to mine.  I found the link buttons to be too small, so I turned most of them into transparent png images either over a graphic or over the section it pertains to.  Makes clicking them much easier and gives a better aesthetics.
fonts and wallpaper please ???
can share the link in the icons dock?
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This is stunning my friend.
Thank you on this :)
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You are welcome!
How can I download the wallpaper?
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I see no config button....

Works perfectly, thanks. Keep up the good work! :) 
more like you copied the iron man skin (:
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Dude, please go through my gallery.
you will find a desktop screenshot of mine using the jarvis theme...which i have credited in the details... i combined with a couple of other skins and called it Futuristica... I just posted it for people together.. but also credited it.. so its not my fault...
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hey dude i cant install it plez help me
its not fuctioning.. dont know how to use it... help me plz..
need manual...
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i am sorry.. if you are not able to get this done... but i prefer that you follow the links in the description and download the executables and install it... then just customise rainmeter...
dont have download
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