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If God hated gays
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Published: May 29, 2011
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Oh I LOVE how this gives so many of you such a rise! So many people get so bent out of shape. I'm still laughing!!!
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PhyllisJerryProfessional General Artist
Can I get an A-MEN!
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AprilAThompsonHobbyist Traditional Artist
We know how God feels through His Word, look at Sodom and Gomorrah and read Romans 1: 26 - 27, though God loves everyone, homosexuality is an abomination.
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SplafterHobbyist Digital Artist
God is selfish in this context uvu
If he had not wished for this , he would have made it so
Yet he let it exist
Cause for good to exist , evil must exist also or else there is no good or evil
Since you would not have anything to compare by
Gays are good people ovo , if being gay is a sin (being romatically not sexually attracted to a person) then being straight would be a sin tok as its being romatically attracted to a person
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Gerbil-Powered-WiFiStudent Artist
God does exist

And i know i've done some pretty hateful stuff and said some hateful shit about the lbgt community. But, truth is. God loves is everywhere. God sees us as his children. He loves us no matter what. Even if one is lbgt or not
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maggy2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm totally agree with you 👍
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ur mother ahahahahahah ´   lol xD
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XxBL00DREDxXHobbyist Digital Artist
God doesn't hate at all he loves everyone! and he didn't make gays.. hell did.
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And who made hell? Who made the devil? Who can stop people being gay?
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Sonics-Number-1-FanHobbyist Digital Artist
okay but I'm gay and I'm a Christian so what does that make me

I'm pretty sure that hellspawn wouldn't follow the person that opposes their supposed creator, so please do explain
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candycollarsHobbyist Digital Artist
hi I'm gay
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maggy2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually he does... what do gays do makes God really angry and God hate them until they repent...
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XxBL00DREDxXHobbyist Digital Artist
He hates no one. 
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maggy2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even the worst persons in the world? 
If God didn't hate anyone, there wasn't any person to go to the hell |:/
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XxBL00DREDxXHobbyist Digital Artist
Let me say this again.. he doesn't LIKE! it! HE does not hate people HE just doesn't like it... he still loves everyone.. 
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maggy2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're playing with words,huh? >: | 

Play as long as you want <(_ _)>
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XxBL00DREDxXHobbyist Digital Artist
I am just saying.. v it's true he still loves everyone even the bad people.. You should never hate no one, God says to love all.. do you think he is going to say "Oh look it's that gay girl I hate her" No.... no matter what God still loves you. You should pray for the people that's going tough bad stuff and turn to God.. All I am trying to say is God loves everyone and you should not judge people or hate them. I hope you have a great night Huggle! Heart  God bless you
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maggy2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
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PhanghuangHobbyist Digital Artist
This is total bullshit, lmao

God doesn't actually hate gays, God loves everyone, no matter what they do, or if they refuse to believe in his word.

I think you mean "gay marriage"
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"You do know that, gay people that aren't biologicly like that, became gay out of they're own will, not because of the God."

[citation needed]

"And yes, God hates gays, that's why he burned down to the crisp two cities Gomoda and Sodom, because they were all gays."

Actually, it was because the people of those cities had attempted to rape a pair of angels.
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"Maybe you do your own research."


[citation needed]"

The Bible never said they were destroyed purely because they were homosexual.
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Said someone who didn't read the article.

All the evidence you need is in the Bible itself.
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