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by eggpup

This is lovely, the design of the image is well crafted and executed. However the Icewing's design is a bit hard to see and whited out,...

by ARVEN92

This is an absolutely breath taking work of art, it's design helping to recreate what the artist is trying to show us from their mind's...


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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I'm a high school student from the US, I have a great love for animals and works of fantasy.


Life is pretty strange, but that's alright
If you are panicking, take a moment for yourself. It doesn't matter what others may tell you, you need to be the one to run your life. We may need crutches, but that doesn't mean you should give up your hold on yourself.
If you want to change the world, just do it, no one can stop you unless you allow them to. Breath, take a step in that direction, and be there to greater the world.
I think I'm gonna try and post inspirational stuff, I mean I'm mostly just shouting into the void and listening to my own echo, but whatever
Existence is like really weird. Like does this actually exist or what lol? Why do things have to be some painful and emotional sometimes? Why is the world so corrupt at times? I just hope things will get better.
What Big Teeth
This is my Seawing, Cuttlefish aka "Lamprey" 
he was born with no horns and those golden bands on his nubs allow him to screw on a fake pair, he has a major underbite resulting in his mild speech impairment, and that's about where his unusual features end.

This character is based off the book series Wings Of Fire which belongs to Tui Sutherland
Rome is Nice
A Roman Sphinx in some nice bling and armor, wearing a small Egyptain styled beard just because
The Wilde Life Fanart
This is not my charater, but I love the web comic so much that I drew this using charcoal blocks and chalk


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