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My pirate costume  by jawmax My pirate costume :iconjawmax:jawmax 1 1
Friendship is Oppression 3
Part 3: Will of the Wind
The train pulled up to Ponyville station and Sweetie Bell and Ah hopped of before they began to unload the box car. After making sure nobody (Twilight was really pushing political correctness in the schools) saw us ah couldn’t help but look around.  It’s been two years since we last set hoof here; Applejack always insisted that Granny and Big Macintosh come up to the castle for birthdays and Hearth's Warming Eve.  At this time of day Applejack used sell apple out of the cart, but now there was a permanent stand in its place with a mare Ah've never seen before. The Library while bigger just had some old stallion for the librarian. The first Carousel Boutique was once both Rarity’s home as well as her shop until there was one in every town. Sugercube Corner while still owned by the cakes is under new management. The local vet now took care of all the animals in Ponyville. And now Derpy Hooves of all ponies is the captain of the weather
:iconjawmax:jawmax 8 14
Asgore Tokusentai
Asgore Tokusentai
By Jawmax
My name is Papyrus
I got the greatest battle body
I'll capture you
With Ultra Hard Puzzles
Made by me
I'll leave you confused
I'm Mettaton
The Pink Glamor
Wow, my beauty is unmatched
Yes we are!!
We've just arrived!! The most elite warriors in the Underground
We even catch small kids, we're the Asgore Tokusentai
Yes we are!!
We'll show you our
Special Fighting Pose
You'd better kneel before
it's beauty
(Tokusentai, Tokusentai, Tokusentai, Tokusentai)
I'm Undyne
Call me "The Blue Knight"
I'm the Tokusentai's No. 2 Fighter
Shall I poke you with
My Energy Spear?
And by "poke", I mean I avoid your vitals
Muffet, that's me
I'll tangle you
My webs are strong
Yes we are!!
We've just arrived!! The most elite warriors in the Underground
We're the best in the world, the Asgore Tokusentai
Yes, we are!!
We've decided on chocolate parfait
as our afternoon snack
And we'll share
if you want some
(Tokusentai, Tokusentai, Tokusentai, Tokusentai)
I'm Asgore
The one ca
:iconjawmax:jawmax 3 0
MirrorTale 1
Mirror Tale
By Jawmax
Chapter 1
For almost a year Frisk had searched; searched for something, anything that could bring Asriel back for good. And now they had the best hope, an ancient magic mirror with a blue metallic frame that predated the human monster war with the Delta Rune engraved on the surface.
“Really; this thing is supposed to give me my soul back?” Flowey asked sarcastically.
“Well when it was dug up an inscription on the chest said this mirror brings the light and darkness of ones’ soul into focus and reflect all things. It’s the only thing that comes close to restoring a lost soul.” Frisk said giving a thumbs up.
“Why are you doing this? Can you really not let it go?”
“You never got a say in if you want to become what you are.” Frisk paused. “So, do you want your soul back?”
“To really feel again? Well at the very least I can take the good with the bad. May as well give it a shot.”
:iconjawmax:jawmax 6 2
Please: a Gravity Falls Fanfiction
By Jawmax
Pacifica Northwest’s eyes were uncovered and she found herself in a room made of stone surrounded by figures in hooded robes. “Pacifica Northwest, what have you seen?” A robed man asked.
“Who are you? When my Dad finds out you kidnapped me he is going to sue you back to the Stone Age!” Pacific shouted as she struggled against the restraints on her wrists.
The man seemed unintimidated. “What do you know of tiny people with golf ball heads?”
“Wait those things? The ones that tried to kill me and live in the mini-golf place? That’s what this is about?”
“You needn’t worry about them much longer…” The man pulled out some kind of ray gun thing. “…because you will not even remember them.”
Pacifica’s eyes went wide with fear when she heard that. “What? But meeting those things got me to see someone differently! She and her family; they m
:iconjawmax:jawmax 8 6
Friendship is Oppression Part2
Part 2: Journeys beginning
Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all shared the same bedroom in the Grand Castle of Eternal Harmony (formerly Canterlot).
Sweetie Belle's corner of the room had a mountain of dolls and stuffed animals, most of them taken from Diamond Tiara by Rarity. Sweetie Belle shuddered. Thinking of the filly who was now of the castle's lowly maids. Sweetie Belle didn't know how much of the filly's behavior was her being terrified of punishment if she upset Sweetie Belle even in the slightest. And how much was her having been hollowed out on the inside.
In the end, a sobbing Silver Spoon (after running away screaming two weeks earlier), asked to join her best friend. After all, her parents had already been stripped of everything they were already.
Sweetie Belle was applying Scootaloo's daily first aid. "Scootaloo, she doesn't care about you," Sweetie said.
"Rainbow Dash!"
"That's a lie! She cares about me a lot!"
"Then why did she slam your face into a tray
:iconjawmax:jawmax 5 63
Equestria Girls: Protectors of Canterlot
Equestria Girls: Protectors of Canterlot
By Jawmax
Chapter one: The New, New Girl
An assembly was called at Canterlot High gym. “I want to thank you all for coming.” Principle Celestia said to the whole student body. “I called you all here today to announce that tomorrow we will be getting some new students from East River High due to a fire the broke out there a week ago. Now while this might not usually be big deal for most of you however the name of one of the students is Twilight Sparkle.” This caused a big ruckus among the students who all knew about the last Princess of the Fall Formal which they had just two months prior.
“But that is impossible! The portal won’t open again for over two years!” It was Sunset Shimmer; however as soon as she spoke she got a lot of dirty looks. Most of the other students still haven’t forgiven her for torments since her freshman year, the last of which was her turning them into her own mind controlled
:iconjawmax:jawmax 34 24
Pony POV: Friendship is Oppression part 1
Pony POV: Friendship is Oppression
Part 1: The Beginning of Tyranny
By Jawmax
“Alright ladies, let’s show him what friendship can do!” I shouted as she and her friends got ready to use the elements of harmony.
“Wait, wait, wait!” Pinkie said as she got one last drink of chocolate rain.
As the elements began to activate Discord said. “What’s this?” As he was hit by the rainbow Discord laughed. “You think that this is over? I’ll break out again; it’s only a matter of time!”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Why that it only took some kids arguing for me to break out, after Celestia and Luna lost their connection to the elements. All I have to do is to wait for something to happen to one of you, like dying of old age being the best case scenario for you, then one little unharmonious thing will happen and this will happen all over again. Harmony is such a fragile, temporary state.  Hahahahahaah!
:iconjawmax:jawmax 12 144
Harmony Divided 1
Harmony Divided
By Jawmax
Chapter 1: Strange New World
So little to feed on…
With so few of us left we must take drastic action...We must use the Cronus Chronicle …
Agreed…we know the time and place we must change…when the ponies were most vulnerable to us…
All we need now is the Chronicle…It has moved recently, we must go…To Canterlot…

“This is a very special find Luna.” Celestia said. “When you… went away, I ordered that a search for this book to begin immediately. It is a magical record of all history and it continues to record even now.”
Luna looked at the last page of the book. “And thus Princess Celestia had revealed the Cronus Chronicle to her sister and as she read the final page she sees the words forming right before her eyes.” It was true everything that was happening was being written in the book. “Why did you want this?”
:iconjawmax:jawmax 6 2
MLP: We are all Alicorns
MLP: We are all Alicorns
By Jawmax
“Wait a second, that’s it! I Understand now! I know how to fix the spell!” Twilight Sparkle and her friends made their way back to the Library. There she opened the spell book of Star Swirl the Bearded and began to rewrite the spell. “From all of us together. Together we are friends. With the marks of our destinies made one there is magic without end.” The very moment Twilight placed to period her Element of Magic glowed activating all of the other elements. The element shot beams of magic at Twilight whose element shot similar beams at the others. All six were surrounded by their own sphere of light. Spike saw the light from outside and burst into the library only to find six scorch marks in the shapes of the girls’ Cutie Marks.
“This is Star Swirl’s secret masterpiece? A vaporize everypony in the room including yourself spell?” Spike said as he began to panic. “What am I going to tell their
:iconjawmax:jawmax 27 24
My Little Pony: Other Side of the Coin
My Little Pony: Other Side of the Coin.
By Jawmax
Chap.1:  A different perspective.
It was very special time in Equestria; Princess Luna’ birthday was just one week away. However for the past few days the princesses have been having frequent arguments. “But Celestia I just don’t feel like having a birthday party this year.”
“Now Luna this is another chance for our subjects to get to know the Luna I know. Since that Nightmare Night you went to Ponyville they come to understand why you became what you became.”
“No, No, No!” Tears were falling from Luna’s eyes. “No one could ever understand what it was like for me! Feeling unloved by the whole world! Being filled with so much rage and bitterness that you become a prisoner in your own body! To be alone for a thousand years! A thousand years sister! To know you are going to have this feeling of guilt for all eternity! No one will ever understand that especially you!”
:iconjawmax:jawmax 4 2
Divided Paths Field Trip Chapter 1
Divided Paths: a series based on the Conversion Bureau created by Blaze.
Episode one: Field Trip
Chapter one
It was a perfect spring day in Ponyville, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were trying to figure out what to try to get for their Cutie Marks. "So maybe we could be Cutie Mark Crusaders tour guides?" Sweetie Bell asked.
Scootaloo rolled her eyes. "Like anypony would want a tour of Ponyville."
Apple Bloom was running out of ideas. "Come on girls we got to think of somethin! Maybe we can get a Cutie Mark for, for…"
"Being losers!" it was Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon was with her.
"And I bet that the Cutie Mark for that is exactly what you got Blank Flanks!" Silver Spoon said.
"Yeah maybe you already got those marks and don't even know it!" Diamond Tiara added.
"Why do you two have to keep teasing us huh? Why can't you just leave us be?" Apple Bloom said.
"Why shouldn't we? You humiliated me lots of times!" Diamond Tiara yelled.
"You're always the one who starts it!" Apple Bloo
:iconjawmax:jawmax 1 2
Dad and Bogey by jawmax Dad and Bogey :iconjawmax:jawmax 0 1 Bogey by jawmax Bogey :iconjawmax:jawmax 1 5 My mom and Sam by jawmax My mom and Sam :iconjawmax:jawmax 0 0
Duo Heart 3
Episode 3: The violent field.
The sun shined through the window and on to the newly wedded couple. They slowly opened their eyes each seeing the other face, thinking that they were still in a dream that while had a lot of bad the fact they were married made it wonderful. Until they realized that they were awake and shocked to find other in bed with them. They both fell out which hurt a lot worse since the not only felt their own pain but the others as well. “This hurting when you hurt thing sucks.” Ash said.
“You don’t have to tell me about it.” Misty said.
They heard a knock at the door. “Good morning, don’t worry. I can’t see anything.” It was Ms. Match.
“Uh, it’s okay we're decent.” Ash said.
“Yeah we were so tired last night that we just fell right to sleep.” Misty said.
“Well that is disappointing; last night was your wedding night. A night where a couple beings to display to one another the passion that sh
:iconjawmax:jawmax 1 0


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