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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, I think this is the Rebirth Outfit. I am not at day with currents events of comics
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This pucture could be part of a story in which Wonder Woman is captured by a villain who sneaks up behind her and binds her with her own golden lasso.

Wonder Woman: "I don't see him. Where can he be?"

Villain: "Right behind you, my dear!"

The villain ties the golden lasso around Wonder Woman's waist.

Wonder Woman: "Merciful Minerva! I'm bound with my own golden lasso--the one rope that I cannot break despite my Amazon strength!"

Villain: "And not only is your lasso unbreakable, Wonder Woman, it forces you to obey whoever binds you with it! I order you to drop your sword and surrender!"

Wonder Woman drops the sword.

Wonder Woman: "You win. I surrender."

Villain: "That's a good girl! I know that your lasso also compels you to tell the truth when you are bound with it! So tell me, Wonder Woman, what are your weaknesses?"

Wonder Woman: "If my magic belt is removed, I lose my Amazon powers and become helpless."

Villain: "Remove your magic belt and give it to me!"

Wonder Woman: "Here is my magic belt. I am now helpless."

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Gorgeous and beatiful one of ger

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Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

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Yes. It started in rebirth but is still the current costume.

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Good. I love this outfit. When I read Batmetal I think she was wearing a cape too. Pretty badass too

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Thank you, I'm new here but the community is pretty nice

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