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hi everyone.
as you might noticed, i've a sub for a whole month, thanks to the lovely KittiesGoShoot, so give her some love ;).

this is my first journal css (inspired by an old design of the futurama point), so please let me know if you see some glitches here and there. if you're using ie6 or inferior, to bad, you need a browser that can render transparent png images.

i'm still not so sure about the background of the journal, i might change it later. i don't know if the footer is showing the city shadows, because when i was testing the css, sometimes the footer didn't show up.

:iconbirthdays: birthdays > let people on da know about your birthday.
you can check out other's deviants birthdays at birthdays.24bps.com

a.k.a. shameless propaganda :D.
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Hey javeoc, some cool stuff here :). I especially like the Beck and Bender - awesome!