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drink slurm naked . dual



. u p d a t e d .

october 11th, 2007

ok, i've finished the wide and dual version of this wallpaper.
as you can see, i've added some extra characters in the left part of the image.
zapp, kif, nibbler, the hedonism bot and alien like nudar.
(the last one, featured in the upcoming futurama movie, bender's big score.
the parachute is also a reference from the movie trailer/teaser).

please let me know if something is weird or if something could be changed.
this wall is someway dedicated to =zacthetoad
for the 3 months of sub that he kindly gave me.
(because i decided to finish it when i knew about it).
thanks a lot zac!.

september 2th, 2007

there you go a brand new futurama wallpaper in a long time.
i hope this one will stay here (some of you might now why i say this).

this one is based in a promo for the upcoming movie, 'bender's big score'.
i did not create the poses of the right side of the wall.
my tribute to the return of futurama.
i decided to create a wallpaper of this one, for everyone to enjoy.

you can see fry, leela, bender, amy, professor farnsworth, hermes and dr. zoidberg.
i've also featured myself on this one. sorry if you didn't want me in there =P.

this is the first release. i'll add the widescreen and dualscreen versions later.
meanwhile enjoy it fullscreen.
and visit the futurama point for more info about the movies.

:bulletblue: click the 'download' option or download it here to get zip file with the whole pack (full, wide and dual) :bulletblue:

[ D E T A I L S ]
» tool:
adobe flash
» time: ~ 5 hours + ~ 7 hours = ~ 12 hours
» layers: 13 (wall) + 10 (hermes' head) + 10 (javoec's head) + 5 (hedonism bot) + 3 (slurm can) = ~ 41
» colors: a lot! (...now more!)
» side effects: my eyes burn + sleepy

futurama © fox, matt groening, the curiosity company.
javoec + logo + my face © javoec.
© 2007 - 2023 javoec
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i take it that other head in the jar is you?