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Yesterday's lie (Scene)

What would Luz have seen if she spied on Amity in episode 10? xd
¿Que es lo que Luz hubiera visto si espiaba a Amity en el episodio 10? xd
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Luz: "I wonder if I could see... Amity!"

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Accurate. Luz would react like this and Amity totally sings her own praises when she thinks she's alone. XD

Bonus points if it’s to the tune of Little Miss Perfect.

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Police! Police! There's a human spying me on the tub!

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Sprig: That's gonna be hard to forget

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Anne: No kidding.

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Luz: That’s it. I live in the reflection realm now.

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Amity: Luz!? What the heck, babe!?

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I had a feeling this is what Luz was wanting when she got excited over the prospect of "spying on Amity"...

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I looked for the episode on YouTube and I didn't see that

Would have been even better if she was singing little miss perfect

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I guess she is growing fast at puberty and her aim is getting better!Get it?Because she is luz-ing it(If amity see's and find's out lol she is gonna get a smack pep talk of her amazing girlfriend here)!😈😏😁🤣⭐✔

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This was exaclty what i tough and i was sure someone was going to draw it.

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did she jut qwewqeweqeqweqweqeqweqeeeeeweqweqwqeweqweqeq

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veo que no fui el unico que se imagino esto cuando luz pidio ver a amity pero se nego sin duda es una perfecta latina no mas ya tiene novia y solo puede pensar en como se vera sin ropa.

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Ah, Luz, I knew you couldn't resist but now you really regret your decision now, huh?

Laugh [Adventure Time]
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Pregunto porque yo no veo la serie: ¿Amity tiene pelo verde o lila? no me queda claro.

Es pintado, su cabello es originalmente castaño, pero se lo ointo actualmente lila

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