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More Lumity!

By JaviSuzumiya
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When you have a dorky girlfriend but you still loving her.

Oh my! this pic took me like 2 weeks to complete it just because i had a lot of work and hadn't too much time to draw my own stuff.

The outfits are from the trailer of second half of the season. We can see Luz for a second holding them while Amity approaches her.

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Amity Blight love Luz Noceda and no one otter than her.

No apologies for my cringey pun.

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Mlpfanalltheway156Hobbyist Writer

a witch with a dark side and an otter... with a dark side.

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Awww, this is so adorkable! (Do people still use that word?)

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KhialatHobbyist General Artist

I love them more and more with every bit of art you make ;) :D

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Negaboss2000Student Artist

Sweet ^^

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Amity: Abomination, kiss.
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que tierno

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Por tus dibujos descubrí esta serie y me terminó gustando

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Now I'm hyped about next week's episode

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Episode 16 is gonna be our endgame! Disney, please don’t disappoint us!
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They better not titantic us

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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist

Amity: ahora tu seras mi peluche esta noche

Luz: por que solo esta noche, eh? :horny:

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Es muy linda me recuerda un pico a mi mejor amiga ya que también era diferente era femenina pero a la vez marimacha ella me quería pese que fui un idiota cuando la conocí por primera vez 👍👍👍

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PLCTheCdHobbyist Writer

DAmmit, just kiss already :D

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
I know! 😆
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Awww, that is TOO cute :D

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SMVArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
So when will Lumity become canon?
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JaviSuzumiyaHobbyist Digital Artist

In 3 more episodes. Ok not really. Well, i don't know... After everything the staff has said on twitter, anything can happen.

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
They have to let it happen. The Owl House is everything Star Vs. and Gravity Falls should’ve done with Star and Marco AND Dipper and Pacifica.

Plus, it’s time Disney catches up with the times like Nickelodeon, Netflix and Steven Universe.
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I sure Disney will make history and make Lumity canon

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Let’s keep praying. Let’s tweet to Dana Terrace. She seems to care about us.
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Yeah, tweet all the best quality fan art, fanfics, animations, and animatics of Lumity to her.

i have a feeling she might be a Lumity fan herself

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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
What about Molly? She’s Noelle Stevenson’s wife and Noelle is the creator of the Netflix She-Ra.
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