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Luz Noceda - Cheerleader

Did you watch the first episode of The Owl House? I wanted to draw Luz wearing her cheerleader outfit so here it is.


¿Vieron el primer capítulo de The Owl House? Quería dibujar a Luz con su uniforme de porrista y aquí está. 
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Aww Lincoln Loud would be proud! (All that Orange n White!)

never let amity see this never let amity see this she would just PASS OUT

TorturedArtist745's avatar

Work your magic, girl.In Love

I fully expect Amity to have a nosebleed when she sees this.

Darkvader2016's avatar
Give me an A, give me an M, now give me an I, now a T, and end with a Y.

What’s that spell?

TOH fans: AMITY!!!!!

Love you, Amity.
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This is a pretty cool image! Good Job!

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with this character or her cartoon show.

Incidentally the cheerleaders in my Junior High and High School had those very same colors for their uniforms.

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Good color choices.
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Eeee, she's so cute! I really gotta watch that episode. And perhaps the whole series. ;P But I want to watch it in spanish.

¡Iiiih, es tan linda! De verdad que debo ver ese episodio. Y quizás toda la serie. ;P Eso sí, quiero verla en español.
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Luz would funny enough make a good cheerleader since she's so full of energy, unfortunately she's too full of energy, but that's what makes her likable.
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Luz is so cute in her cheerleading outfit
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Remember, you CANNOT use snakes for this.

Luz: I'm out.
SonicGMI-22's avatar
The cartoons from 20 years ago was better than this crap!

Is that just because 20 years ago people couldn't show LGBT characters?

It fits in line with your homophobia.

SonicGMI-22's avatar

Since when LGBT characters exist?

Luz herself. She's canonically bisexual.

It's my favorite cartoon.

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Stop bitching! You don’t even like 90’s Nicktoons!

SonicGMI-22's avatar
Shut up, I liked 90's nicktoons!
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