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Lumity - What if...

What if Luz meets the "early concept Amity" we could see in Dana's stream? OWO
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Has Amity always been taller than Luz? :XD:

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They need to see a headshrinker. You know, because their heads are too big :)

Still have nothing on this guy

onionbots's avatar

wait a Kentucky fried didly darn fuck

Warriorcats12347's avatar

idk why but i like that hair for amity better than the style she has now

AlKend93's avatar

You know what Amity ought to say? "I will kiss your lips off!"

LightReading2's avatar

with that hair style almost want to say Eda did her body swap spell with Amity.

WildMose's avatar

that would be... disturbing, given the circumstance.

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This is relatable to me. LOL

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Luz: Oh hombre, I need an adult!
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Amity: i am the Adult Luz
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Can someone give more detail?

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she is Beta Amity the Amity from an old concept of the serie

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I know that, I mean what happened to Amity?

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Luz: mamita... para que son esos grandes colmillos

Amity: para marcar lo que es mio

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Amity se canso de las indirectas, y ahora va por lo que quiere.

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Parce que amity lo hubiera afectado la cuarentena XDLaugh

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Love the look on this AMity

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Se la van a comer y le va a gustar

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esta Beta Amity mínimo le pasa 2 años, para mas placer :v

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Excuse me Javi where did you come up with your idea of sextember thing.

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