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Microsoft Office (square tiles)

After being out of DA for a while I come back with a popular request: Microsoft Office tiles. Hope you like them!

UPDATE 1: Includes Publisher, plus alternative versions for Word, Excel and Outlook, plus centered versions of all tiles on request by Oridasian.
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Oh this is so nice. may I use it in my future project? I'll ping you once I release it and iclude your link. Thanks!
This is awesome!

But I am having problems setting these tiles as the tiles for Office 2016 in Windows 10. How is this possible?
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could you add files to edit in AI. Really love your work!
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Sir, this is awesome! Great job.Clap 
Why is the powerpoint icon slightly lower than the rest of the icons on the second row?
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It is just an example of the centered versions!
That makes sense
Excellent tiles - mind doing one for Access too?
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Glad you like them! Yeah, sure, I don't know how did I forgot Access! I'll update the pack as soon as possible.
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Thank you, these are definitely replacing the default desktop icons on my Surface!!!
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I'm really happy that you like the update!!
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Very good job, love the colors. Well done.
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Thank you, really glad you like them!
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They are beautiful!  Is there any chance you could do one for Microsoft Publisher or a light blue one for Outlook also?  Also, it might be me but are some of the Office Icon white overlays vertically resized? It might just be the shading having that effect though...  Oh and is there any reason why the the overlays are not centered?  Does it just look better higher up on the icon or???...  Thanks again and overall a great iconset!
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First of all, thanks for the love. Now, I'll work on those as soon as possible. They are not resized as far as I'm concerned, they are all the same size and based on MS original icons, but I'll have a look. And yeah, they are higher up (just as my previous tile set) since I've created them having in mind that you may want to have the name (Word, Excel, etc.) in the lower position (using OblyTile I guess), but I can center them if you want to use them with no name!
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I think centered would look better for a desktop "tile" after changing the icon, but I can see the use in using Obly Tile icons as well, but if you had a centered version that would be great if it isn't a hassle!!!
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No problem at all, I'll update the pack with centered versions!
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And just a random thought spewing for the future, but the lighter colored fragments directly behind the white overlay make them a little harder to see.  The other set benefited from having a little bit darker a color swatch.
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Yeah, I thought exactly the same with the Outlook tile in particular, when I update this set I'll darken them a little bit to make the icons clearer :)
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