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FlatFiles 1.0

 This is a set based in scafer31000 's Flader 2 Mega Pack, so 99% of the cedit goes for him:

 If anybody is interested in other kind of files ask me in the comments, I will do my best and upgrade this pack with time.
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Wow! This is seriously beautiful! May I request a version of your MP3/M4A icons with labels for AUDIO (for generic types), FLAC, WAV files and video ones (MP4, MKV, AVI and a VIDEO for generic types)? :D
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Glad you like them! No problem! I'm pretty busy these days but I'll try to find some minutes for it :)
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Thank you so much!
I couldn't find any option to change it there.
I wanted to change it by changing the default icon that vlc uses, but that didn't work as well. Still looking for solution.
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Well I'm really sorry I can't be more useful... If you learn how to do it please let me know! :)
As far as I know with Liteicon you can't change file types icons (at least I can't find that option in Liteicon). Too bad I really like your icons. Excellent work!
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And if you go to /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/ is there any option to change the file type icons? I'm on Windows and I cannot check this Mac issues... Thanks btw!
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Try LiteIcon, is an amazingly useful tool:

Hope it works for you :)
How do you change srt icon for all srt files?
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Are you on Windows or Mac?
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Thank you javijavo93 for mentioned me. It's very appreciable. 
Good job for your work, it's very beautiful, I take it :)
Thanks +++++
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You're welcome scafer31000. If it wasn't for your work, I would have never started in this DevinatArt world! Thank you :)
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