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Galaxy Set - By BLazteR

5 Brushes on CS - if you're gonna use the brushes,please fav!!

-comments are welcome
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Absolutely beautiful!!!wow well done JavierZhX..Following your work  is pretty much worth it :)
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You make it for free..You are amazing JavierZhX ..I am amazed of your art.Great!
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These will be useful
Thanks for making! :D
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Great , as always ! 
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Thank you for this!
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beautiful ! Thnx :) 
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Thank you for the stock, used here:
Black Hole by Cantatus-Promise.
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all your brushes are amazing!!! im watching you now :)
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Thanks for this, love it.
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Favorite, these are perfect for something I'm doing!
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Hope u get what u desire.
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Thank you so much!
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I used your brushes for my Sailor Senshi devID template here: [link]
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Thank you these are very nice
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