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Brushes: 10
Type: Natural

A cloud, soft and ethereal, drifts across the celestial canvas. A mantle of cotton suspended in the heavens, drawing whimsical shapes with its brush of vapor.

Its edges fade away in gentle whispers, like sighs gliding in the wind. Its ever-changing shades, between whites and grays, reflect the nuances of the sky in its celestial dance.

Within its embrace, it holds secrets of the universe, stories that only attentive eyes can decipher. It is a blank canvas for the imagination, where each gaze discovers unique and ephemeral figures.

A cloud, ephemeral and majestic, that dissipates in the vastness of the horizon, leaving a trail of enchantment and magic, until the sun caresses it, transforming it into scattered dreams.

I truly value the support I receive for my cloud photography. Your "+fav" and comments mean a lot to me, and I genuinely hope you enjoy the set.

Note: If you'd like to show your appreciation further, I now have the option to receive donations through my main page. Your generous contributions would be greatly appreciated!

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