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Abstract 09

Brushes: 15
Type: Abstract

9th of abstract series..hope u like the brush set

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    Will gave you credit! Wonderful job!
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    Could I use this wonderful pic to create a logo for a unknown electro-composer ? (if you wanna know : )
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    Thanks for the awesome brushes! love them!
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    How do you make things like this? The brushes are excellent and I'm definitely going to use them but I'd love to be able to create this effect over a whole painting
    jdGONEMAD's avatar
    I hope you don't mind me posting your work in my site:


    I m using it to practice in ps
    Awesome design.

    I would love to use is as a filler image on a template site I am designing.

    With your permission, may I use it?
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    good job!

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    actually these don't work in my version of PS because it's too old, so this is gonna sound really weird, but am I allowed to use the preview picture? O.o
    BishoNoTeresa's avatar
    woah, really cool~ Thanks for the hard work
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    Ty so much for the brushes been lookin all day these are the best i could find
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    very creative
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    Heh... I'm little late, but they're great... :)
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    Your brush sets are truly one of a kind.

    Sure, there are lots of abstract brush sets.... but there is a certain quality in yours that do set them apart.

    Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Loved 'em. Thnx!

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    I love this brush series! Thanks <3
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