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iTunes X Icon Replacement

Here's my iTunes 10 icon replacement for Mac OS X and Windows. iContainer included. Hope you like it. :)

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These icons are free for personal use. Distributing these icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

Copyright © 2010 StudioTwentyEight - All rights reserved.
© 2010 - 2021 javierocasio
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Me encanta el concepto, el unico detalle que podría agregarle es que el brillo superior izquierdo me hubiese gustado más difuminado e intenso, lo mismo que el inferior derecho que se ve pequeño pero no hace lucir al icono de manera esplendida. También un brillo esférico inferior muy minimo se hubiese visto genial (bueno todas estas opiniones son de lo más personal no quiere decir que este mal sino como me hubiese gustado verlo jeje).

Los colores me encantan hacen semejanza al Apple TV. De todos los conceptos que he visto de iconos desde ayer este es el que más me gusta.

Excelente trabajo querido amigo.
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I love you. These icons are awesome. You've done the icon well with details so much as the lower right corner of the icon. Beautiful colors too. I really like them.

I really have no complaints the icon is great. Not a ton of originality and I would've liked to see some deviation from the iTunes icon but that's alright.

The quality of these icons are very high. And you can see that just from looking at them. No blurry edges. Everything is crisp and clean.

I really wouldn't mind looking at the PSD's for these icons and see how you did it. A tutorial would be even better.
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do you have a png icon?
how do i download it??[link]
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Thank you, great [timeconsuming]work for us to enjoy
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Wow, they are so much prettier than the normal ones :D
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Very Clean & Neat looking sleek icons, well done :-)
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It would be better if the colors were more "lighty", from violet to white... not gray; with some lil reduction on saturation.
But it's very great this way , too.
Could you explain to me how to get this to replace the icon, i can't get it to work.
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go to the itunes directory and on itunes exe right click and make shortcut,now it should be able to put an icon
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well, its a huge improvement on the iTunes 10 icon :D

love it, thanks for the replacement :P
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i saw these on a screen shot this morning and totally wanted them. So glad I checked my watch msgs tonight! Wasn't able to find them before! LOVE THEM!
Epic! The details on thee icons is mind boggling. Awesome stuff my friend.
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WOW! These are completely AMAZING!! :D
Love it, especially the round one. I nearly used it, but the note exhibited not enough contrast against the background.
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