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gfxOasis winamp skin

By javierocasio
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gfxOasis winamp skin made by KoL
This winamp skin is based on my gfxOasis Visual Style.

gfxOasis Visual Style - [link]
gfxOasis WindowBlinds - [link]


gfxOasis - [link]
StudioTwentyEight - [link]

Copyright © 2002 - 2004, StudioTwentyEight
© 2004 - 2020 javierocasio
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By far the best winamp skin i've ever seen!:heart:
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I've added this skin in an article called The best classy winamp skins which is a part of Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
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Ricardo Arjona! :D
Lo mejor jaja
Muy buen skin ^^
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Please dude, reupload it! I want it!
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it's really good! A Little bit too bright for me, but the design its perfect
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Arjona sucks!!!, btw nice skin!
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holy simplicity, batman!
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simple smooth and usable thats all i ask.
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Excellent work, as per usual. The attention to detail, especially in regard to the Viual Style, is amazing.
My only niggle is that maybe the playlist font is a little light.

Otherwise, great.
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Perfect skin! ... :+fav:
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Hah this is so cute!
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now thats what i call a winamp skin awsome!
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beautiful, love both the visual style, as well as this winamp skin.
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Damn, my new skin! :+fav:
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beautiful as always..thanks so mcuh..because of you I enjoy looking at my computer. :D
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currently using this right now.

thanks mate!
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First of all: Those blue things that are everywhere, they don't fit in with the rest of the skin. The stand out way too much. If it weren't for those, I might've considered using this skin for a while, but they just... distract me. Heh. :O_o:
The rest of the skin is quite nice. It has a nice and clean design, and the colours (except the blue) are really relaxing to look at. I think my conclusion is: Get rid of the blue things that pops up everywhere, and this is an extremely usable skin, and even a +fav. :)
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I LOVE pretty winamp skins! ^^
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Simple. Soft. Shiney. Rock.
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simple and light ... thats what i like :)
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handy, light and stylish. wot else could a man ask for? well, if asked, i'd say a pinacolada would be nice. GR8 job.
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dude, i like minimalistic skins. and i use yours as a change for about 1 year. been using default for that long now. :)
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