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February 5, 2006
Thallos VS, the latest offering from =-kol, is just so neat and usable, I couldn't resist featuring it! Give your desktop some blue!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
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Thallos VS

Here is my new theme, Thallos :D
Package contains the Visual Style with two different start buttons and three different fonts; Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. The WindowBlinds version will come in a week or two. I need to create the toolbar, icons for the animations and all WB effects. :)
Parts of Thallos Visual Style are inspired by Reluna Em3lent by Bant.

WindowBlinds version: [link]

Stuff on the preview :p
Strange World VII Wallpaper - [link]
Agua Icon set - [link]
AveDesk - [link]

enjoy :D

*** History ***

Version 1.2
- Added compact start menu.
- Menus with some programs like ResEdit and Stylebuilder fixed.

Version 1.1.3
- Maxthon tab bug fixed (Thanks IoriQ from

Version 1.1.2
- Text color when using large icons in start panel fixed.

Version 1.1.1
- Thallos .2 Progress bar fixed.

Version 1.1
- Firefox tabs fixed.
- Progress bar fixed.
- New quicklunch buttons.
- Quicklunch space fixed.
- Added top start button image.

Version 1.0
- First release.

*** Installation ***

To use the Visual Style you need StyleXP - [link], a hacked uxtheme.dll or Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher - [link]
Then extract the zip to C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes


The images and icons using in this theme are property of StudioTwentyEight. Distributing these images and icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

Copyright © 2002 - 2006, StudioTwentyEight - [link]
© 2006 - 2021 javierocasio
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Very cool. Thanks mate
how to use it plz plz plz help :(
how to uesd it plz hepl
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Just btw, the preview seems to be broken (grey lines at the bottom in the small preview, no large preview at all) ;)
If only someone would port this beautiful theme over to GNOME (perhaps for a small donation), that would be just SO amazing!!!
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Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

as always... dont patch anything

use [link]
BoneyardBrew's avatar
This is such a clean, slick theme.

One of my favorites of all time.
paskalion's avatar
nice & clean theme. like it :D
i tried this theme and when i opened firefox it started shaking/bouncing up and down
you might want to try and fix that, but otherwise i loved it.

- kate
javierocasio's avatar
You have to much links on the bookmarks toolbar. Try removing some and the bouncing will go away.
i tried that my bookmarks are all organized in folders and as soon as i put a different theme on , it went away , so it's definitely your theme :)
javierocasio's avatar
I don't have that problem with Firefox. The folders on the toolbar are longer than the bar??
Sevacro's avatar
I've been using this VS for a lot of time now and i have to say it's great but has one major flow. At times it's really hard to make out the right scrolling bar (at least for me) and as I use to click and drag on the bar instead of scrolling with the mouse wheel, it can get very irritating at times. (here's a pic for you to see what i mean - [link]).
If you could make it of a bit darker tone in order to make it pop out of the background it would be great. Cheers!
Great work,as always!Thanks!
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This is an absolutely amazing VS! But there is one problem. As said earlier, the text doesn't fit on the buttons. Is there any way to fix this? It's a minor flaw, but rather irritating.
javierocasio's avatar
Looks like when you change the text to bold or things like that it will always but cut off. I dont know why. It happens with all the themes I made. :(
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Hey man, let me start off by saying AWESOME theme, I am faving this one right after I comment.

I am currently using this theme, and it is working great; however, I am having trouble installing the Agua icons.

Can you write, or email me a great tutorial on how to install all the icons correctly (for free if possible) and how to make the desktop icons bigger and with the info under them and the start icons stay small?

This would be of great help man.



BTW, my email is; however, an explanation in my DA would be just as fine.
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It's so smooth a subtle, you really deserved the DD :D
Hi, very good gallery ;)
ice445's avatar
Best theme I've ever seen by far, I'm using it from now on. Good work!
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