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Strange World VI

The last wallpaper of my serie, Strange World VI (Dual Display). Time to start another serie of wallpapers. :D Inspired in Feel Good Inc video by Gorillaz.

Left & right monitos wallpaper sizes:
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200
1920 x 1200

Stock images from [link]


Strange World I - [link]
Strange World II - [link]
Strange World III - [link]
Strange World IV - [link]
Strange World V - [link]

These wallpapers are free for personal use. Distributing these images commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

Copyright © 2002 - 2005, StudioTwentyEight (
© 2005 - 2021 javierocasio
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We feel pure air ! It's beautifull.
Cramboli's avatar
I love this series...
I wish I had enough screens for each one...
XSKX's avatar
CASHMichi's avatar
Looks fantastic!
Beautiful series. Thanks for the collection.
gadgetsguru's avatar
Oh, that is just beyond awesome-incredible!! :omg: :worship:
artelligence's avatar
dis is so mesmerizing................nice work :) the wallpaper series...specially..

dvanex's avatar
One of the best wallpapers I've ever seen, and dual screen to.
Methodologi's avatar
I use this as my WP [link] keep up the good work>

Inuyasha-Fire13's avatar
oh's so...beautiful...I love it...I love whoever thought of it...I it ^^
knedl1's avatar
looks awesome, nice work indeed ;)
ramirezhate's avatar
really amazing, if i see that pic i feel like i´am lying on the beach and dream on^^
Jjcd7's avatar
Really nice, like all your walls. I could comment on the them all, but I'm only commenting on this one because I hit Print Request by accident. Anyway, keep it up.
thearmbut's avatar
this may be a really stupid question but how do i apply BOTH wallpapers to two monitors?
javierocasio's avatar
thearmbut's avatar
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
DundEE-88's avatar
this is really awesome!
nice work :P
axiseffects's avatar
Excellent work, Kol! I'm using the right half for my single-display wallpaper.
Out of words.....
runofthemill's avatar
This is a great wallpaper. I was rocking this piece on my dual-display until I decided that I needed to personalize! It really inspired me to try my own multiscreen. I even stumbled onto the same stock as you when searching for grass field... Check out my 777F Kolesque
Cheers :+fav:
sprayspot's avatar
great work :clap: if you don;t mind I took a wallpaper and posted it in screenshots, of course with credits :aww: thank You! really great!
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