Gran Plateau
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Started this wallpaper some months ago but never finished. I decided to do something like Final Fantasy XIII world. Now I want to create a bigger broken planet, more detailed. I think that one is going to be my next wallpaper. Enjoy :)

For the iPad version I included a wallpaper for the Lock Screen and another for the Home Screen, in case you think it is to bright for the Home Screen.

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PSP version

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Frankly, I *like* the sharpness of the stars, but maybe that is just me, because when I look up - that is what I see. It gives the scene more reality in a fantasy base (grin). The grass looks real and soft, the clouds looks sharp, but fluffy, and the mountains have a permanence and rocky quality that exudes grandness. It looks alive and touchable. It reminds me very much of the Rocky Mountain foothills - except for the sky. That is what I love about this - what you can relate to, and what is surreal.

I have used this pic for a while on my desktop and it has impact when folks see it. What I like most is that has beauty for many generations, not just for the young, but for older peeps who remember when Isaac Asimov was new. It has multi - generational appeal that could make this a classic piece.
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I find it pretty hard to believe that someone could even create such wallpaper. Great job!
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Really amazing!!
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OMGGG!!!! Brilliant!!! So many thanks!!!
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MasterOfThePopsicles|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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very beautiful
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Hola javier, hace tiempo que vi tus wallpapers y me parece un trabajo genial, hace unos años aprendi a hacer panoramas stereograficos (planetas) a partir de fotos, luego de unos cuantos resultados, se me vino a la mente hacer algo parecido a los planetas del videojuego Mario galaxy, el punto es que he visto tus modificaciones y veo como les has dado un look como de dibujo, no se si me pudieras dar un cosejo sobre como hacerlo, los dibujas manualmente, pinceles?

[link] este es uno de los ultimos planetas que hice, pero hay grupos sobre el tema, saludos.
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javierocasio|Professional Interface Designer
Los wallpapers de planetas son hechos en Photoshop. Esta es la forma en que yo los creo. [link] Puedes usar texturas para darle un look de dibujo.
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Beautiful ......how else can i put it!!! excellent,thanxx for sharing
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I've always liked this wallpaper, but it wasn't until I recently started playing FF XIII that I realized that's where this came from. Gives me a whole new appreciation for it. Great piece! :D
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Amazing!! Keep up the good work!
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Rock0|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Another great wall :) Great stuff! :)

May I include this in my package as well?
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Hi, can i modify your wallpaper i.e. add bar (because I'm using Zuki theme with optional transparent panel)
:+fav: great wall ;d
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Very nice
Thank you
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Now that I got my double Viewsonic 24" LED display setup, I'll be chilling big time with all your multi-display wallpapers. Keep up the fantastic work.
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blifaloo|Student Digital Artist
Awesome, how'd you make the grass?
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goldfish2008|Professional Interface Designer
nice work :)
featured on [link]
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Joriz2|Student Interface Designer
Verry nice! i've installed it on my mac and ipod touch: [link]
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Thank you: [link]
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javierocasio|Professional Interface Designer
Cool :)
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wooow beautiful :D
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sari-inc|Professional Interface Designer
amazing as always!
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