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Gran Plateau

Started this wallpaper some months ago but never finished. I decided to do something like Final Fantasy XIII world. Now I want to create a bigger broken planet, more detailed. I think that one is going to be my next wallpaper. Enjoy :)

For the iPad version I included a wallpaper for the Lock Screen and another for the Home Screen, in case you think it is to bright for the Home Screen.

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What is about a wide open field that just makes us marvel at the power of scale and nature. As we gaze upon the seamless ocean of green as it gently sways in the calm breezes around us as the vast blue sky hovers above us making it almost impossible to tell where the edge of the universe begins and ends. It really is an incredible idea isn't it. Gran Plateau by '-kol, shows us a stellar example of what such a scale could look like by giving a dream-like twist on it and making the idea seem fresh and new in our heads again.

To being with its the details that caught my eye from the beginning. The shattered planetoid floating in the air above the whole scene does an excellent job in shaping the whole area and giving its dream-like feeling to it. The vast landmass in the distance breaks the length of the plain and gives it more of an oasis feeling. Everything about the composition just feels alive and you almost wish you could just jump into it all. To feel the bright and warm sunlight on your face as you gaze upon the vast green grass ocean and marvel at the waterfall above the plateau as the broken planet gazes down as if its aware of the spectacle you yourself is absorbing around you. My only complaint to this specific piece is the fact that the stars could be just a bit more blurred. As sharp as they look, I think it would compliment the landscape a bit better if you were to add more blur and then add a lighten filter to it, to get the glowing effect out.

Even with that complaint, its still a compelling and excellent picture. Good work.