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doppi Sig. pose

doppelganger signiture pose by ??????
posed in xnalara
rendered in daz studio
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this is awesome..just replayed underworld for memories..still think the doppleganger is cool!!!well done:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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question.  Are you using uberenvironment here? Why is it when I'm rendering a XNALARA exported model using uberenvironment, all I got is a wireframed render.?
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I am, and I dont know since that has not happened to me.
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Do you adjust anything when you are importing obj from XnaLara to Daz Studio?
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Wehn I was using xnalara models in daz, all i did was import them into blender smooth them out and when you export you waana click selection only (make sure all the part of the model is selected.....
the you want material gropus and and polygons and normals

then export them i the daz import the model and import them as a blender file and have the middle axis to the y axis
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ok I figurd out a solution. I need to adjust the uberEnvironment light's shadow bias from 0.1 to 1.0.  Either way your comment is also helpful. Thank you very much.
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use the preset
which is 4x one
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At first I thought the presets change the Shadow Bias but I found out that they don't.  The presets just adjust the samples but the Shadow bias is constant on all presets.  user needs to adjust it manually.
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i nevr ajusted it i leqve it so yeah
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aa no problem , it's awesome!
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aaa dat pose need one , how can i get that pose? <3
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xnalara forum i think i forget
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I love her!!!!!!!!! :-P
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Insta-fave!! :heart:
This is EPIC!! :meow:
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