June 08 - Features

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By javertime
These are my features for this month.
Some of them haven't actually been submitted in June 08, but anyways here they are:

:thumb76719892::thumb89548426: Suvi by FurtiveLungs:thumb82413534::thumb85692295: Memories. by ShadowsInMyEyes:thumb58216254::thumb85460023: metamorphosis 01 by Royaa TV by kaelin91 please call me. by Moosiatko::thumb59366020: nie by majkeld When you're around by downheartedx _whisper by Victimo the spiderman is having me by NoirFeu Peace by FalLine You make me smile by carunderwater-x the spiderman is having me by NoirFeu:thumb84326139::thumb80958296::thumb81623487: Toshiya by TheLoveSong:thumb84490266::thumb85936862::thumb85272595: grudge. by Pretty-As-A-Picture:thumb86368021: if the sun doesn't rise.. by martybell watch as we walk by martybell marry had a little lamb.. by beberni summer wine . . .II by brookeBGM:thumb64952965::thumb85194506::thumb57792676::thumb71884916: Peace on earth or.. by 8rurupyon8:thumb88339465::thumb82932863: unstoppable . by Miss-SpUn-SuGaR Giving the Apple by demons-I-weave:thumb54705659: Memories of a Martyr by AyameFataru gloomy sunday by is-blind Colour with Style by ulorinvex:thumb75287982: Weight Of The World by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY:thumb88736715::thumb64665470: out of the rain by murdericious:thumb65772668::thumb88350520: No, I am not from England. by mcneal Kate_Dima_1 by Yuppik

:thumb87297753::thumb86627724: Global Warming by DanLinners:thumb74632691: - Princess Giselle - by SandyLynx Umbrella must go by Widyantara

Digital Art:
goddes by lafaette Betty Page by WendyDoodles Obsession To Be Beautiful by BananAdopt Longbow Archer by Armadria:thumb88119897: Oh deary me by mochaloda the apple by d-liliane The Countess by jeffsimpsonkh Contest entry: Byakuya by dark-tarou

Traditional Art:
:thumb71354751: Toshiya by TheLoveSong to jump or not to jump? by AliceLitwin Briar Rose 2 by juliajeffrey:thumb70719709: romantic by Bielegraphics Jasmine and rose | June 15, 2008 by uzorpatorica Macabre Nakama by moosekleenex FiRe by geekpalace Panna Guma3. by VemEmoKid
© 2008 - 2021 javertime
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dayet wuz da kuulest stuffs i has ever seens, you are very talented
barmidon's avatar
Realy good work... some are kinda strange... but good ;)
haikman's avatar
a very late thankyou :thanks:
brookeBGM's avatar
Thank you so much :heart: !
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pani-piratowa's avatar
thank u so much! :kiss:
downheartedx's avatar
thank you again <3
spirala's avatar
thk you so much :heart:
lorelix04's avatar
thank you so much!
carunderwater-x's avatar
wooooo thanks so much!
greatly appreciated! :hug:
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thanks so much for the feature. it's really great for me to be exposed here among so many wonderful deviations.
dismantlerepair's avatar
Thankyou very much for the feature :heart:
x-myapocalypse's avatar
Thankyou very much!
niels-Isi's avatar
ohh yes!! thank you very much we freakin appreciate that :heart: very very nice :blushes:

niels-isi :date:
demons-I-weave's avatar
Ha ha Thanks, and yeah you were a little late, I even made changes to giving the apple.
geekpalace's avatar
thank you again!!!! this is great!
all4Krista's avatar
very grateful, really :butterflytwo:
VemEmoKid's avatar
Kaeldra-1's avatar
brilliant feature, thank you so much for including my work :)
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