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Moontouched - Stupid Pup

For :iconmoontouched: Harvest Moon Event.

Featuring Walter Hoffmann and Alex van Valkenburg.

Finally got around to doing it!
Walter belongs to ~TangerineWuki

I suck at snow.


"This is boring..."
Walter's ear twitches as Alex mentions this for the fifth time since the older werewolf had torn the drunken man off of his bar stool and forced him to come out and learn the necessities that come with this particular holiday.
They had finally spied the small pack of Belekt that Walter had been hunting down, but unfortunately the only ally he could find on such short notice was the cranky Alex.
"It's freakin' freezin'. My nipples are gonna fall clean off."
"Quiet, pup. They'll hear us," Walter mutters, ears swiveling left and right as he attempts to determine the best route of attack. If they could just run...
"We could be out rustlin' us some candy."
"Learn some discipline, Alex. This is more important than frightening small children into giving you their Halloween candy. Now, do you see that-?"
"Why do we gotta do this anyway? So let 'em cause a little trouble. S'not like it's our problem..."
"Quiet!" Walter snaps in a hiss. "They'll hear you."
"Oh yeah, like your pink-ass hide doesn't stand out enough."
"I'm not pink. We've had this discussion. You have no patience."
"S'not what yer mom said last-"
"QUIET!" Walter barks, turning his rage on the other Farheimnis. As if on cue, the forest is alive with the yellow eyes of the Belekt, all turning towards the pair as Walter's outburst echoes across the snowy landscape.
"Ya know..." Alex mutters with a sigh. "Ya'll really need to learn some discipline."

It was going to be a long night.
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TangerineWuki's avatar
Perfect! <33 I need to get that stupid comic up soon. >:U
shashia's avatar
I don't think you suck at snow. You got the blue shading and the sparklies down!

With at least six pairs of Belekt eyes in the trees it certainly looks like a long night ahead!
Javen's avatar
Thanks! I'll keep working on the snow. I imagine Walter and Alex will abandon their attempt at surprise and high-tail it... though with Alex drunk and none too fast to begin with, he'll probably get his ass chewed up again.