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💜"......What cute fun cartoons' art I see here in your gallery!"......💜

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"This stylish Llama came by my oasis for a lovely cup of hot tea. She definitely did not like it. Spitted out some. LOL She roamed around to see what she can chew on, but instead she found a silky scarf, sunglasses and she was content enough to go "BACK TO YOU" all fancied up."

PS Now, you take care of her! Hehe Just watch out for that nasty spit! LOL She can be very annoying. Hahaha

Have a g'day. Visit me anytime. Hugs from Montreal

java I love seeing your art please

continue to be cool and post awesomeness ^_^

Poogle Red Wave

poofgle you have no idea how much that means to me, it makes my heart feel very warm :') same goes for u! ur art and characters are super unique and a blessing to this hellsite :heart:

is my new nickname poofgle LOL if so that's awesome hehe but that's awesome! You're a really good friend and I appreciate you so much

your art is fantastic!!!!

woah tysm, the respect is mutual : ]

Thanks for watching me!