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December 21, 2013
Street Fightbirds by *Javas A very detailed Street Fighter/Angry Birds cross over artwork! If this was a real game I would definitely play it!
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Street Fightbirds

Artists at Rovio were asked to come up with some cool artwork, mixing Angry Birds and mainstream stuff. And this is what I did. I will also upload the BG later on. It was quite painful to do, specially the flats. I HATE doing the flats. On the good side, I learned a couple of things while coloring it up. 

I also did a "Bird of Steel" colored sketch. I will probably post it here once finished. Or maybe I wont finish it and I´ll just post the sketch. Anyways, you can expect some more Angry Birds stuff.

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A much better game, rather than that one that Rovio made themselves.
GreenWingSpino32's avatar
Wow this is awesome!!!! :-) :D
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Really amazing  !!! For me it s like leaving an uncolor screen to a color one (just want to say nice coloring )... :D
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So, If

Red = Ryu 

Chuck = Gulie,

I am guessing:

Bomb = Ken

Matilda = Chun Li

Bubbles = Cody

Stella = Cammy

Hal = Balrog

Terence = Zangief 

M Bison = King Pig
Javas's avatar
yeah that could work ;)
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Hahaha! Fantastic piece!!!
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Amazing work!
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So cool ,cheers!
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One of the best of your artworks :D :D :D 
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glad u like it!
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