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Red, Movie Style

By Javas
After seeing the awesome AngryBirdsMovie official pic…, I had the urge to draw Red, movie style. Lots of fun!
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sweet I love the movie it's so good
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Saw the previews for this cant wait to see this and I love your artwork.
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I have already seen the angry birds movie last Saturday and it was awesome
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'Sup, my red friend?
Hey Red, Can you Talk?
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Oh, wow, this is really becoming a movie?! I thought maybe people  were joking around about the idea, but I would love to see how it comes out as a movie. Oh and love the details on Red. 
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The trailer hasn't even premiered yet (at least as of today) and there's ALREADY fan art of this Angry Birds movie?!?
What an age we live in..
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Well I happen to work for Rovio, so... Ive seen material that others people havent
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It's like a Furby...that I feel compelled to chuck at a pig with equally stumpy parts!

I say this is successful!  I kinda like your rendering more than the movie.
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You should do all of them now. I'd be interesting to see how the come out.
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yeah would be fun
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I hope the Birds talk, the normal voices and stuff is why my dad doesn't like the Toons.
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they do talk
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