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Inspector Gadget

I was sketching some characters of Inspector gadget this morning as a warm up.Then I decided to go a little more further with them, and here I am. Shit, I should be drawing other stuff. *Whipes his self* hope you all like it!

See ya!


Now in technicolor! Damn Im having fun revamping
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This is phenomenal! Wow...
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if only he was this cool
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Hey There :wave: 

Are you Exiting For Inspector Gadget CGI (2015 Reboot) this year :happybounce: 
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Ive seen the trailer, not very keen on the cgi though
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If only the movies were as good as this picture.
Oh well, the theme song is pretty awesome at least.
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This is seriously good,
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I loved this show as a kid, and this would have been a pretty awesome redesign as well!  I thought it was a nice touch giving Penny a tablet since it's a technology we actually have now instead of the high-tech book she always had in the show.
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Thanks! glad u dig it! funny thing, I dre this before the ipad release I believe, so it was a precognition xD
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The updated show should have been like this.
Nice job! I love what you did to Brain and Dr. Claw and Mad Cat. Penny's a tad odd-looking because appears to have tires attached to her head and have an even more odd look to her face, but overall it's great.
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Dat Hair on Penny! I would totally watch again if this is how it looked. Amazing retooling of such a classic cartoon!
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I like Penny's smug looking smile. And the fact that she has an ipad instead of her book.
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