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My Bio
If it weren't for my love of Aloha shirts (though I will settle for Hawaiian print and similar), the real me could easily blend in being of average height, build and looks for his age. Based in STL, work in a WalMart, and ride a scooter (well, once I get it running again).

If I were able to be any of my characters, it'd be PhibbPony*, my umamimi self(anybody able to get me in contact with a god of chaos? I've some fun ideas in mind).

Aside from that, I'm a Linux using, gadget obsessed** porn addicted lazy average guy. I need to get back to exercising, walking alternating with lifting dumbbells (need to put together an exercise program). Also I edit stories, although my only 'client' these days is Uncle Jim on Stories Online (.net) though I'm always open to taking on more work, commercial or amateur (stories, manuals, etc). Plus I also write porn under the name of Mr Phibb (also at Stories Online as well as blogspot).

Always happy to chat, can be reached via HangOuts (Google), FB Messenger or preferably Telegram (Taur10).

Anything I create, characters, stories, etc are free for use, both profit and non-profit with very small stipulations, just ask if you're curious or see something you want to play with.

PhibbPony is really a place holder name, I could really use some help naming him ifn anyone's got ideas. See 1a5 in my gallery to see what he looks like.

Current favorite gadget, ZeBlaze Blitz watch phone. Yes, phone, not smart watch, although it can be linked and used as one

Favourite Visual Artist
Michael Manning
Favourite Movies
Clue, Sneakers, Let it Ride
Favourite TV Shows
Warehouse 13
Considering what DA has done, I guess I need to find where everyone I follow posts their stuff outside of here. How many of y'all use the Fediverse (Mastodon, Misskey, FunkWhale, PeerTube, etc)? For those that don't, how many want to learn about it?
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Artist wanted

2 min read
Long and short, I haves me a laser engraver now. Bad news, I can't draw worth a damn Worse news, I can't make heads or tails of art programs. Add in that I have a lot of respect for artists, so I wouldn't want to use their work without compensating them by accident, I'd like to find a partner in this. Art needs to be single colour or greyscale with a transparent background. Aside from MLP cutie marks, I don't have anything specifically in mind, although complex art is obviously going to be a problem for engraving as it'll all be single colour, ie tattoo like. Pay is negotiable. I say that because obviously you could choose a flat one time rate, flat rate plus a cut, or just a cut, and a cut can be a flat amount per piece or a percentage of either the gross or net, and obviously, I'm open to hearing what you think is the best for you. So, anyone want in? You do need examples of your work, and you can be a starting artist or experienced, hobbyist or professional, I don't
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Joys of DA

1 min read
Ok, some may have noticed that I was struggling with my latest uploads, that's because DA stripped a bunch of features out, and haven't troubled themselves to update the FAQs to reflect the new improved better DA. So, I won't be uploading much here, I already dropped my Core membership as I refuse to fund this trainwreck, and generally I'll put a few things up here, but you'll find my MLP stuff on FiM Fiction and Derpibooru, furry and fantasy on FA, and some adult stuff on Pixiv.
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thx so much for the watch i appreciate it 
Thank you for putting me on your watchlist.
Thank you for the watch :-)
Thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it! Love :happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy!