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so... I went yesterday to the park like a baka baka baka baka baka... nvm that :cough:

I got the chance to be accused of hitting on my best highschool friend (how stupid is that? I mean, I've been sleeping at her place numerous times, not to mention sharing the same bed the first times until I realized she's moaning and I can't sleep because of her... I mean, I had quite a bunch of chances to go hitting on her and I didn't...) by my friend herself. The best thing though is that she's no longer my best friend for some time now, other ways I would have been quite depressive by now... Yeah, she's very good looking and such, but I would need more than that to do something like that... not to mention I'm not the kind to go hitting on people no mater what... oh, maaan. she really blew me away yesterday...

and if that didn't hit me enough, I got her boyfriend picking on my favorite band (Evanescence, duh!) by saying they must be against Christ because they say somewhere in this song, tourniquet, they say 'Christ... my suicide'.

So I came home completely pissed off and played that song with max volume in my headphones... and found that line in the end, to realize that as much as I'm concerned there says 'my self said', not 'my suicide'

And even if it was 'suicide', there is a saying in church that when you give up at everything and offer your life to God (as in getting in a monastery or so) you die for the world and reborn for Christ. Isn't that more understandable? I mean that would go with the whole lyrics before...

anyway... that's why I drew this... I've noticed she's a lil' fat and her neck is not right... give me the rest of the critics. tx ^^
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E trist dar tot draguta ramane.!!
i like your drawings allot*hugs*