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okay, so I'm waaaay too lazy to color this. Drew two of them yesterday (the kids kiss and waving to pretty boy... it's the boy in the kiss scene staring from behind, just in case it's not easy to guess), and one quite long time ago... I was going to color it (it's obvious, ever since he's supposed to have black hair :P) but maybe some other time...

the two characters are Brie (finally sticked with a name for Nero ---> Gabriel ^^) and Kaela (original Mikaela) from a short story of mine I wrote about a few months ago. I still draw them, so I have to translate that story both digitally and to English XD. These scenes are not told in the original story, but maybe I'll slip some at the 'translation'... that except for the last one with them as older teens which is... well, you'll see about that one ;))

hope you like it. I'm waiting for critics, like always! ^^

that's where I first mentioned Brie, just in case you were wondering :XD: And yeah, he's emo... very emo actually. Tx God he met her... well, or maybe not, ever since... oh, that's a spoiler... wait and see :mwahaha:
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cute sketches ^_^
good you mentioned that is a guy, cuz i almost thought there were 2 girls >.<
anyway, i like them :aww: and the background is kawaii ^_^