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tic toc

By jauni
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''Time is ticking and skies are changing. Tic toc, hurry up.''

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but my dA gallery is pretty dead so why not. I went with a bit more paint-like style this time.
Also, has everybody been doing well? Sorry if I did not reply to your comments, I do read them all!!

(My commissions are still open for anyone who's interested:
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this is so pretty!!!
jauni's avatar
thank you!! ^^
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Magical and nostalgic :)
salty-pumpkins's avatar
what software do you use
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I use Paint tool SAI to draw and Photoshop for editing
I also use Clip Paint studio once in a while for further painting~
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the paintery style looks rly good too!!! *v*
i also rly love how you incorporate the designs into your art sobs like those flowers on the walls, it looks so natural///

and hope you've been doing well as well!
i feel that dA is really dead orz you're actually active imo ww
jauni's avatar
oh! thank you so much! ;//7//;

haha i used to be more active years ago, but i agree
everybody just kind of ... vanished wwww
Kiwiichu's avatar
www everyone's rly active last time!! I guess mayb it's bcos of school n life... Also all the changes dA made makes it seem so foreign n less familiar now Q o Q

btw I'd like to ask... Do u still draw ur webcomic? Is it called blue ai? www
bcos that's how I found u aaaa I rmb ur art back then was also so adorbs amg!!
jauni's avatar
Ye I think the older you get, the busier life and school gets as well;;;;
omg yes, dA keeps doing unnecesary updates *cough* the logo *cough*

aaaa so emberassing, that comic is REALLY old///// It's something that I created like 5 years ago?
it's sorta on hiatus right now and i'm contemplating wether to continue it or not, because the story and art is just really old
looking back on the first pages makes me cringe :iconpapmingplz:
Kiwiichu's avatar
yes omgosh ;;; and time flies really quick sobs i kent believe it's alr 2015 is gonna end soon too gasp...
omg yes... at first the dA layout too it changed so drastically, tho i'm used to it now-- and what's with the core membership thing, the orange really doesnt suit the dA green man smh

LOL ksjdghjsd awww it's so cute!!! waghh it's 5 years old alr >< i still kent believe it omg
but it's ok i feel u www the feels on old art... but u ken really see ur huge improvements *o*
jauni's avatar
oh man yesss, I wish time wouldn't go so fast. I am just getting older and older /sweats
god the freaking core thing is something that I never understood,
i don't understand the orange and i don't understand why they changed premium to core??

keke thank you <33 I feel like the comic is just one huge improvement meme
the style changes with every few pages www but thank you for reading it////
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forever dokis at senpai's art !
I love the painting style btw~

how have you been lately ?? :iconbeartumbleplz:
jauni's avatar
AAAA KOUHAI ;O; Thank you very much!

i've been alright, just preparing myself for uni;; how about you?
mynumberthree's avatar
you're always welcome senpai /////
oooh uni sounds fun !!
i'm starting senior year of high school in two days ;alskdjf but i think i'll be more active with art soon !! 
jauni's avatar
ooh senior year? cool!
we don't have things like senior or freshman here. it's just simply 1st class, 2nd class etc. haha///

i'll be looking forward to more of your art then! you've really been improving, i am a proud senpai :iconweepplz:
mynumberthree's avatar
oh i find 1st, 2nd classes, etc to be cooler than seniors, juniors, etc /// it sounds so official saying 1st class omf

ahh thank thank senpai !! cries a lot you flatter me :iconseagullfaceplz: 
looks forward to your art as well ////always looks forward to your art aslkdfj so honored to be your kouhai !!
jauni's avatar
we should switch places, things like senior sounds more official to me wwww

aaaaa you're so cute, no problem at all!! thank you//// ughhh senpai is not worthy
just the fact that people see me as a senpai is mindblowing to me, what did I do to deserve such a title//// :iconpapcryplz:
mynumberthree's avatar
omf really? ////dokis wishes we could switch :icondokisplz:

weeps omf you're so nice you're most definitely worthy of being senpai okay :iconhnnghplz:
you create beautiful art and are so very nice to everyone ///////:icondokis-plz: //gives muffins to you because you're the sweetest senpai !!
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Beautiful! I love the lighting and soft coloring! Great work :D
jauni's avatar
ah thank you! ;o;
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This is nice work here!
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