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Caricature of the powerfull Bruce Lee, painted on Photoshop CS5 over a pencil sketch


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The one and only!
Nice work!
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Your work is just amazing!!!Clap 
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PFFFF AHAHAHAH!!! This is epic!! XD I'm crying right now!
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Look at that big head of hair
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A W E E S O M E E E E E e e!
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Awesome. Love the quotes in the background too. Now water can flow...or it can crash!
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Thanks! His thoughts have always been a great inspiration for me! :)
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Your welcome, he was a great integrator of philosophy, art, and skill. It's good to see that even with such a short life, his influence spread so far.
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these drawings are quite well made faved them all!
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Thanks for Keeping My Idol Alive in your Drawings. This Legend will never die?
I'm really glad you also like Bruce Lee. He was and still is one of the Great Martial Artists that I Have ever seen in this 20th Century.
Do you agree?
I'm Planing to post some pictures of a show, that I help in, New York City, back in 1988. With some real Great Bruce Lee Collectors. In the near future as a Tribute to him. In the Chinese Calendar, it is "The Year of the Dragon".
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Bruce Lee, legend and can beat the only known mortal in this world that can defeat Chuck Norris. :)
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Glad you like it!
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