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Hello everybody,

Sorry for my absence lately, I don't want to, but there's no time left for anything else than my work (which seems to be more busy than normally) and working in my new house. And the little time left I spend sleeping ... :sleep: Even to tired to watch tv!
It's fun to work in my new house but ooo I'll be most happy when it's done and everything gets back to normal a bit. If everything goes as how it has to go I move on October 19th.

Thanks everybody for the notes, faves and watches :hug: and I hope to join you again soon :D

Ok, it's been a month without dolling but yesterday I finished my little fuchsia fairy and made Leah a doll of here lovely characters Lilly & Rémy. It's so much fun to doll but hahaha once I start dolling I can't stop :D
Do you have the same problem?

Next week I'm getting the key of my new house so hmm not much time to doll.... and I kind of lost my muze... Don't know what do doll. Any suggestions or someone interested in a dolltrade or collab?

Thanks for everybodies kind/sweet replies/comments/watches and :+fav:. I love you all for it :love: :huggle:

O my this morning I opened my old computer with all of the dollies I've ever made! It was fun and brought up looooots of memories. It's amazing things you remember (o my that hair, it killed me and that leaf I couldn't get it right back then) and how much I love them all (is that weird hahahah).

Some of them took me days (or better nights hihi) to make it the way I wanted and I see a lot of frankendolling (on my own work). I uploaded a few, hope you like them :)

Not working on any doll at the moment (to busy with work) and I bought a new house! No time to doll. But I will tonight and in the weekend because my head is full of things that I have to do and dolling puts my mind at rest.

Thanks for reading and thank you all for your sweet comments, faves and watches! :love: :huggle:

Still didn't upload much to my account but hee I'm pixelling and hihi not much time left to sort things out, such boring work :(

Made some dolls last month and still working on some dolls. I've been looking around on DA and woow what a great artists I've met and the works I've  seen, it's amazing!
Don't know how everything works over here at DA and I think it will take me some time.... (wants to change the skin, do commissions to earn points ....)

Oooo and some anonymious sweethart gave me a premium membership on DA. Don't know who to thanks so instead I'm thanking you all :huggle: :love:

This month less time to doll however, busy at work and my garden needs to be done too :)

:huggle: to you  all :love:
Hello everybody,

Ooo my I joined DevianArt a year ago but I lost interest of dolling and just left everything!
But I've started again!

It's still quitte empty over here but I'll upload some of the stuff I've made the upcoming week(s) :).