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Map Symbols Photoshop Brushes: Castles etc.

By jatna
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This is version 2 of these Photoshop brushes for rpg map making. Version 1 had a potential problem, which I am 99% sure is fixed in this version.

Once again, I hope someone finds them useful.

Please go ahead and use them in your projects, commercial or otherwise. Just don't sell them. Good luck!!
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EKAshoterNew Deviant

Very very nice... Thank you so much. Thx for sharing too...

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crimsonvermillionProfessional Digital Artist

<3 thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for to make a better map of the Vale for my Song of Ice and Fire RPG! (Private game.) Will post and link when my map is done!

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jatna Digital Artist
Right on. Good Luck.
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I think I can use these, thanks!
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Unfortunately I'm having the same issues which have been reported below. The brush sizes are gigantic and make it impossible to use them, with GIMP 2.10.0 at least. A shame, this looks amazing.
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jatna Digital Artist
Hmm, don't have GIMP. In PS there is a slider to adjust the size. Sorry they don't work for you!
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Lady-ElizrielHobbyist General Artist
These look super awesome, can't wait to try them!
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I have the same question as Roworth1804 (except my fantasy is still only at the start, but I already have most of my map drawn) and I really love your brushes (and you have a lighthouse! Yay~).  I'd like to try using them as city/harbor/village/town/etc. markers, please let me know if this is okay. I have plenty of others, but I love your's and if possible, I'd like to use one set for markers for the image. 
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jatna Digital Artist
Moshka please do use them for your projects, commercial or otherwise (that goes for everybody). Just don't try to sell the brushes (as if you could haha). Good luck!  =p
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OK, thank you! :) (Yay~)
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Thank you!
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I am self-publishing a short fantasy novel called 'The Tythe of Esra'Nell' and would like to ask your permission to use some of your city/town symbols in a single map. The novel will be available for purchase online, but is unlikely to make it big ;) (Wink)
Please let me know what your conditions of use are under these circumstances.
James ('Roworth1804')
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These are great, thanks!
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jatna Digital Artist
coredump777 I made them in CS5 so I can't answer for newer versions of Photoshop.
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coredump777Hobbyist Photographer
Can you tell me why those brushes seem GIANT on Photoshop CC 2015? They are like 1k pixels big and when you use them smaller they get very blurry. I may be doing something wrong though.
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NeyjourHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful job on these!  I love the style/design.  Downloaded... and thank you!  :)
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jatna Digital Artist
Cool! I am glad you like them.
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