Contest Announcement: Paint the Stars Black

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Dark Makoto and Dark Chibiusa by JATGProductions             The Inverse Starlights by JATGProductions
         Hello hello! Today we're here to announce an Inverse Sailor Senshi contest, "Paint the Stars Black"! Curious? :iconcuriosityplz:
         Here's how it works - we're gonna need drawings (no dollmakers, sorry) of one or even two for more points, of the following:

         Canon Sailor Senshi: Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako... You get the idea. Includes Outers and Starlights, as well as villains.
Normal starlight uniform: Dark Starhealer OLD by JATGProductions
                  A special case - Dark Starhealer awoken as half of one of the 3 great Pillars: Dark Starhealer - Awoken by JATGProductions

         Your Own OC: Made Inverse.

         Senshi of the Halcyon Moon: Design the senshi of Aphrodytie, Rhiannon's twin and the leader of her own team! =D  They include Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.
                    Aphrodytie Ren - Manga Halcyonmoon Reference Color by JATGProductions

          Inverse Sailor Cosmos Yamino Megumi - Inverse Sailor Cosmos by JATGProductions

          Or, you can draw Yami or Aphrodytie! =D

          What is the Inverse? The Inverse is a universe separated by the Grey Realm, where Darkness is the major cosmic element. It stands on the opposite side of the Universe, where Light is the major cosmic element. Many of the individuals here have analogs in the Universe, but their lives have taken sometimes very drastically different paths. Villains in our universe are villains there, but their reasons are different - in the inverse, they are often fighting to end aggression, violence, or some other thing considered noble here, and are Light aligned. In this place, Light is death and destruction - feared as the reaper. Darkness is considered Life.
           Aggression, power, strength, insanity - these are the ruling factors. Advantages are often taken - and weakness will get you killed. Survival of the fittest.
           One of the biggest empires in the Inverse Milky Way is the Moon Empire - a dictatorship ran buy its queen, Neherenia. In ancient times, Yamino Megumi (Known then as Princess Imbrium) was the true daughter of Neherenia, who became so disgusted with the corruption and wars that when she seized the power of Inverse Cosmos, she laid waste to the original Ancient Moon Empire and soon left for the Universe.
             However, that was not the end of Queen Neherenia. Reborn, she seized Yami's former guardians and began conquering the galaxy. But conquering Ginmoku (the Inverse Planet Kinmoku), may have been her most costly error yet. On the opposing side of her, is Silver Galaxia, and her Animamates, who utilize deadly Light via their bracelets. Many forces have come before Silver Galaxia - many of whom she is thought to be the cause of. Unfortunately, from the Holy Earth Empire and its Queen Beryl, to the White Moon and the Tao Aliens, all have fallen against the Queen's vicious "guard dogs", the Sailor Senshi of Sol. Will Silver Galaxia be next? Or can she break the cycle?
             This is the Inverse - created by Dark element pillar Aphrodytie Ren.
             Welcome to the Inverse - can your senshi survive the Empire of the Mad Queen of Sol?

              Wanna volunteer? Be a prize donator or a judge! =D
Of the Authorial Group: :iconjatgproductions: :iconererqion: :iconateyainnociae:
              First on the Jury: :iconsilverlegends:
              Also answered the call: :icondaughterofaeris:
              3rd up: :iconayachi-chan:

            :icongreatjobplz: Contest Rules  :iconshockplz:
            Anyone is eligible to enter. Contest will be judged based on adherence to theme and work. No dollmakers. 3-D and pixel works allowed. Bases allowed only if at least 10% of the work is original. No re-colors allowed. Up to 3 entries allowed per contestant. Rounds will include "Senshi" "Civilian" and "Show of Power". You have until April 30th to enter for round 1.

             Comment if you're interested - show us the power of the Inverse!
:iconsweatdropplz:  Disclaimer: Extensions can apply by request. No purchase of darkening your own Life necessary. Void where prohibited. XD

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