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Persona 4 Style Naru and Nephrite Color

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On April 9th, the closest of Naru Osaka's four bodyguards and secret lover, Masato Sanjounin, was found dead - hanging upside down from a telephone antenna. The scandal was that she had been engaged to be married since childhood to a wealthy son of a banking family named Umino Gurio. Umino said he knew of the relationship between Naru and Masato, and was making arrangements to end the engagement set by their parents so that she could happily marry the man. He professed sadness to see he was gone - saying that "Mr. Sanjounin really made her happy - and that's what mattered most to me. She was a dear friend." The scandal was raised to a fevered pitch when not only his body went missing, but Naru was sent to Inaba's claim to fame hot springs, Kino Inn for "emotional distress relating to the events."

On April 10th, Naru Osaka - the rather wealthy daughter of jewelry mogul Hiroko Osaka was found dead - hanging from a station antenna. It was considered a suspicious murder for more than one reason - there was no sign of trauma or apparent cause of death they could find, and her body disappeared on the crime scene site. What further complicated matters was that famous "Detective Prince" Kou Yaten had written in his private files regarding the case that he had "Seen a woman in white, ruby red hair in waves. She was accompanied by a rainbow light made of unknown energy. The woman waved her hand, and the eyes of the deceased blinked, as if once again living. I tried to reach the woman, but she and the victim vanished seemingly into thin air. I can find no logical explanation for the events I have witnessed."

April 11 - Rhiannon Ren arrives by train to Yaso Inaba, with her cousin Michael. Yaten notices similarities between her appearance and that of the mysterious woman in white who appeared at the crime scene, and decides to investigate.

If you follow the trial, you'll find out that two amnesiac individuals matching Naru and Masato's descriptions exactly were found in a rural hospital. Blood tests prove that they are indeed the pair - but how did they get there? Michael or Rhiannon have the opportunity to see their story through to the end - which in their case, is a wedding. But to do so, they must help them as they gain through the ranks of Naru's Ten of Coins and Masato's Seven of Wands Minor Arcana Social Links.

Cards are from Persona 3. Background is from Persona 4 the Animation.

Sailor Moon and its characters are copyright Naoko Takeuchi.
Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 is copyright Atlus Inc.
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lunarmommy's avatar
beautiful job with this, and i love the story!
JATGProductions's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart:
Mitsukara's avatar
Interesting story, and a cool picture! This seems like it would be a pretty cool game.

As alternate universe scenarios go, Umino, assuming he's telling the truth, makes a lot of sense here- I do think that's what he'd do in a situation like this; step out of the way and just want Naru to be happy. (Not unlike Otohime Mutsumi from the Love Hina manga, actually... but that's a bit off-topic, sorry.)

The thing about the rainbow lights reminds me just a bit of the sparkling effect when Nephrite's body disappeared in the anime. Is that related somehow?

...also... one of her four bodyguards, you say? That's an interesting take on it, if the other three are who I think they are.

(On a slightly related note, there's this fun fabn idea that's been floating around for a while, that Mrs. Osaka- Naru's mother- might actually be the civilian identity of Queen Beryl; I can't take credit for that, since I got the idea from a guy named Shadowjack on the RPGnet forums, but it's fun to imagine.

Of course, it makes the whole first episode where she's tied up in the basement and replaced with the youma Morga a bit more complicated, to say nothing of how many times Naru was one of Jadeite's victims, but... my thinking is Jadeite wasn't really kept in the loop so much, basically, and Beryl didn't seem to be very consistent about what she kept an eye on and what she didn't. She always was kind of terrible at organizational management...)
JATGProductions's avatar
Thank you for commenting! =D

Of course, you can only find out through investigation how truthful Umino is.

No - it's the aura of a being capable of quite a bit - you find out when she is revealed in the game.

Whom do you think they are? :iconevilgrinplz:

Of course, if I recall that episode, one was only told or shown an image by the enemy that she was caught. We never actually saw her to say one way or another....
Mitsukara's avatar
Well, given that there's four bodyguards, of which Mr. Sanjouin is one, the natural explanation would be that the others be Jadeite (who, in the anime, energy-drained her how many times, again?), Zoicite (...imagining him as Naru's bodyguard... if there was an actual murder, I wouldn't be surprised if he was involved, really), and Kunzite.

Of course, going with the manga continuity and a very brief implication in the anime in episode #44 (the one about the history of the fall of the Moon Kingdom in the Silver Millenium), the generals in that story/timeline were brainwashed, which makes a lot of sense- the same thing happened to Endymion near the end, and they had been doing that sort of thing to random victims on a smaller scale all season (like delinquent Umino with the tarot card, or pretty much any of Nephrite's victims, or...).

In fact, according to the manga, the generals were Endymion's bodyguards (I picture them having a relationship to him comparable to that of the inner senshi with Usagi), so it's not out of the question that they be bodyguards for somebody else under different circumstances.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, and maybe it's an ecclectic team of Nephrite, Ali, Esmaraude, and Eugial...
JATGProductions's avatar
It's an interesting idea - I'm almost tempted to go with something so ecclectic. However, you are right - it is Kunzite, Zoicite, Nephrite, and Jaedite. Of course, there's some one else, too - but she isn't a bodyguard, rather was Naru's tutor/governess...
Mitsukara's avatar
Hmm... would she happen to be Haruna-sensei? : )
JATGProductions's avatar
Though she is in SMP4, no, it's not her. You'll just have to see whom it is! =D
JATGProductions's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart:
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