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Battle in Tenochtitlan

By Jastorama
I painted this picture in photoshop these days.
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An intense and impressive piece!

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Looks cool, but there are some historical inaccuracies with the image...

For one, Tenochtitlan looks empty. It's supposed to be a large city housing upwards of about half a million people. Where is the rest of it? The city was also built at the center of a lake, and the only actual land was around the Templo Mayor sector, but here it looks like large field. The majority of the city was built above the water, connected by bridges and canals, kind of similar to Venice, Italy.

The guy with the crossbow must be a time traveler, because Morions did not exist in 1520 AD. Those were introduced later, around 1540 AD. If you look at artistic depictions of the time period representing the Siege of Tenochtitlan, you will not find any evidence of Conquistadores wearing such a helmet. What they usually would have worn were Burgonets. Some wore Armets and Kettle Hats as well.

I'm also seeing an awful lot of Spaniards being slaughtered. Most of Cortez's army was actually Tlaxcalan. Not to mention that only 450 Spaniards actually died in the entirety of the siege, while the Triple Alliance suffered 240,000 casualties. Conquistadores were quite uncommon, and they were highly advanced technologically. An Aztec would have been quite lucky if he managed to kill a Conquistador in battle, assuming he'd actually encounter one as opposed to a Tlaxcalan.
as far as I know, the entire spanish army had 180,000 men, counting allies. The aztec men on the end of the siege were 35, 000, because most of the people there had already died from plague
Hi man. I liked your work a lot. I am intrerested in using one of your deviations in a booktrailer video of a book for children. ¿Is it ok for you? The image I want to use is the one titled Battle in Tenochtitlan. Regards and thank you for your answer. 
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...The final siege of the great city (which lasted at least a month or two) would have been absolutely hellish. This is a good atmospheric take on the event.
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Super cool, OMG the poses, great work XD
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great intensity and action!
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Wow..amazing work! :wow:
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big wow , a realistic mesoamerican scene:)
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Always love this style of art and the scene for it is great.
Damn. Now this is something I've been looking for.
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That's an awesome piece of visual art. I am going to fave this because its awesome.
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This is a truly epic picture!
Could I use it as a in game image for a modification I am making? :)
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Hey thanks. Sure go ahead, as long as it is noncommercial and you give me credit for it.
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It is! Thank you!
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great job! really good colors, one can fell the spirit of the scene!!
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I like the warm/bloody colors you chose - really adds to the intensity of the scene. :o
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Great job, the movements are well captured and the color is great, really adds an epic feel to it.
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