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Deviation Actions

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1. You can become a member by invitation and request (automatically approved)
2. Members must be willing to accept personal notes from admins of this group concerning infraction of the rules or artwork submissions.
We do not believe this type of correspondance should be put on a member's comment section, profile page or in group notes.
3. Members please submit only artwork or photographs that you are willing to share with the other group members.
4. Please submit all of your artwork into the correct folder/subfolder - deviations in the wrong folder will be deleted !!!
5. Do not submit into the following folder: Featured, Founder Folder
6. Our group staff reserves the right to delete any member's deviation that we deem inappropriate for our gallery without prior notice or explaination.

Photomanipulations are allowed under the following conditions:
1. The model in your work is a stock model !
2. In your description, all used Stocks are listed !
3. Google, Flickr, Pinterest and so on are NOT legitimate stock provider and will NOT be accepted.

1. Submissions are NOT automatically accepted, are subjects to vote.
2. Each Member may submit 3 deviations/per folder/per day into the correct folder
3. No artwork of a pornographic nature is accepted into the group gallery.
We reserve the right to remove these from the group gallery without notice.
4. Please submit ONLY artworks or photographs that are your own work.
5. All Art of Drawings & Paintings is accepted...but NO breaking Group and dA Rules - submit your best Works!!!
6. If you`re not sure where your Art belongs to -  submit into Which Folder? - Our Group Team will them place into the correct folder.
7. You are NOT ALLOWED to submit photos/screens of famous actors, singers, and so on - repeated offenders to this and other rules will be banned from the group.


Bullet; Green 1. dark/nude/fallen Angels
Bullet; Green 2. Devils, Demons, Witches
Bullet; Green 3. Halloween Theme
Bullet; Green 4. Buddha
Bullet; Green 5. satanic content incl. symbols/Pentagram/blasphemous content
Bullet; Green 6. LineArt/Doodles/Scatches/WIP/unfinished works
Bullet; Green 7. Google Images
Bullet; Green 8. deviantART watermarked deviations
Bullet; Green 9. Adoptables
Bullet; Green 10. porn/implicit sexual/mature content deviations
Bullet; Green 11. un-cropped works especially artisan crafts/traditional art/sculpture and so on
Bullet; Green 12. scans or photos with poor quality/blurry
Bullet; Green 13. wallpapers/deviations used screenshots from movies and other copyrighted material
Bullet; Green 14. violent content/hardcore dark-horror
Bullet; Green 15. works that promote any political or religious propaganda
Bullet; Green 16. art without credits
Bullet; Green 17. stolen art!
Bullet; Green 18. Harry Potter


Updated: April, 30th 2020
Founder: JassysART

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OKay... question...can't I be my own model for a photomanipulation?
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sure you can be, but you to have to write that in your description ;-)
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Just read. Very clear explanation.

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Thx for explanation! :clap:
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