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Rowlet's 3rd Evolution: Decidueye

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All artworks submitted here are mine, you're not permitted to use, trace, or heavily reference my art. Do note me if you see anyone using my artwork without permission.
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Hello there. I was wondering if I could use this artwork that you created in a YouTube video on my channel. I'll give you full credit for it and put a link in the description. It's okay if you say no, I understand, just thought I'd ask.

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Hello Jasslyne-Oh. Love the artwork! fantastic! i wanna ask if i could use your artwork as my google pic. Hope it's ok 
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Thank you! Sure, as long you credit me. :D
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i just got my Decidueye
this is awesome
how long did it take to do this
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Thank you! I'm not too sure how long it took as I worked on this on and off when there's time. :D
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This is really cool! I chose Rowlet and now have a lvl 89 Decidueye, but I won't ever look as cool as this!
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Remember kids, Choose Rowlet if you dont want to get robbed by Robin Hoot. He steals from the Humans and gives to the pokemon.
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You made Decidueye even cooler then he is! xD my fave
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Beautiful! I love your art style! It's so dynamic and cool!
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Thank you very much! :happybounce:
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Amazing artwork, love the colouring and the way you made his feathers! :D archer owl Robin Hoot is awesome!
Jasslyne-Oh's avatar
Thank you! :aww: Yesss more love for our favourite phantom owl :happybounce:
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I just love how shiny and rich your colours are done here.
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Thank you, appreciate the comment! :D
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#TeamRowlet ♥ Rowlet is really cute and those evolutions.... So elegant and brave! And this picture is amazing! Rowlet4ever ♥
Jasslyne-Oh's avatar
Thank you! :happybounce: I completely agree with you on that point, Rowlet is just simply... whoa... :D
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Wow, this looks great! :D Team Rowlet all the way! :thumbsup:
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Thank you! :happybounce: Team Rowleeeeeet~! ^_^
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For the first time, I'll take the grass types.
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