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This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done... over 200 hours ... I’m so proud and excited to share this ❤️(*preliminary version - see below). 

This is a really special piece for a whole bunch of reasons. In short, these characters, separately and together, have meant a lot to me since I was 12 years old and were the main reason I started drawing more seriously. I never thought I could get to the point where I could draw something like this. It demonstrates almost every skill I have become sort of comfortable with so far. There is still so much I need to practice and learn but I think I made a huge jump 🙏

*I’ll upload the full downloadable image on my other sites later this year because (when I have another 10 hrs to spare) I have to fix some of the colors and details as my layers got messed up (I have no patience for it right now and need to study). It will look overall the same but everything will be more rendered and cohesive since it’s a bit unbalanced with some of the buildings. But in the mean time...this, and I’m definitely open to feedback so I can make the final image better :)

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Brawrloxoss's avatar

Time well spent, I can assure you!

QueenAnime0620's avatar
Beautiful art 😍
The only thing i dont like ia the batman and wonderwoman concept....ive always shipped batman and catwoman together🐈🦇
sebtheiceman's avatar
Batcat is shit I hope your mother die batcat fans deserve to die
leopia's avatar

this is gorgeous!! your artwork has always impressed me, honestly -- i've been a follower of yours for YEARS (and a fellow shipper of wonderbat haha) and it's been amazing to watch your skill improve! you've always been such a huge inspiration!! ♡

jasric's avatar

Thank you so so much! you are so sweet, wow I really appreciate this message :)

iGreeKnight's avatar

Breathtaking. This is a masterpiece.

gregoriusario's avatar

WonderBat, yeah!

ZodiacMacCarthiagh's avatar

Gorgeous. Simply and totally gorgeous.

yuvrajsingh022ee's avatar

Argh, i am crying happy tears🥺 this is so beautiful 😍

jasric's avatar

thank you! 🥰

yuvrajsingh022ee's avatar

You're our idol,our saviour 🙌🙏

KOTR13's avatar

I always rather liked how Justice League shipped them

Chaosmob's avatar

OMG that is beautiful. SO many details!!! LOVE IT!!!

jasric's avatar

Thank you so much!!

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