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Team free will

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on my tumblr here too: [link]

Edit: I fixed up Deanna and Cas a bit

Genderbending is SO MUCH fun! :D:D

supernatural (c) eric kripke
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hp! gorgeous work!

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Your fem!Sam kind of looks like Marie Avgeropolous. :P (i say this as a compliment, marie's rly pretty.)
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Cas looks so uncomfortable, lol

Amazing piece you've done here!!
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This is just wonderful🌹❤ their hairstyles would look exactly like this if they were girls😂😆
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Beautiful. I totally love Sam here on this pic. :D
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:O how did you.... holy crap this is almost exactly how I see them genderbent!! too perfect. the ONLY faults I can find here are sam's eyes (his/her eyes are a greyish hazel, not blue) and I imagine fem!cas as a tad prettier than this. dean is utterly spot on though, like wow.
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So great!!! Dean's face and Sam is reading Harry Potter and Cas looks like Dean said something, that she didn't understood. They really llok like a female version of Sam, Dean and Castiel.
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omg you srsly caught cas's face so well
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RavaNearoHobbyist Photographer
Great! I recognized them right off - well, I recognized Cas and guessed as much :D
I love how Sam is reading Prisoner of Azkaban Love 
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This just made me cry with happiness! This is so beautiful and detailed! Your work is amazing!
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aklusmosHobbyist General Artist
Snapples, your work is so AWESOME.
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OMG!!!! this is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WAIT SAM IS READING HARRY POTTER OMG Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon  Heart - Free 
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I LOVE THIS ASFHAGHJADG :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart 
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son-of-prongsStudent Traditional Artist
your fem!cas 100% looks like hannah absoloutely
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that's because Hannah IS fem!Cas xD
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maryfenjaHobbyist General Artist
This is just. I can't even. It's so. 
It made my day. I'm gonna cosplay that with my friends someday- and I'll send you a photo of it. Is that okay?
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Wow, this is a really great genderbend - they guys uhm.... girls are really fitting to their characters. And I love "Castielle" with short hair :happybounce: 
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Oh, I just love this :heart:
They are so THEM, but at the same time just completely awesome, as they allways are, anyway. I don't know what else to say, it's too perfect.
You are wonderful.
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54brin76Student Artist
ooo, I see a Harry Potter novel there.

Really. The way you portrayed there noses...

fascinates me ;D
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This...THIS!! OH GOSH THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Wonderful genderbend!!!
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HabuscusHobbyist General Artist
HOLY CRAP! This is so cool! 
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