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Justice League

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Inspired by Jim Lee’s DCnU Justice League piece. This is sort of a tribute to that but with the jl from the cartoon :)) I spent EONS on this and I’m actually really proud of myself for finishing it :D Biggest project I have ever done!

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Cool work!:D This is the JLA that I remember with Superman in the front center as it's natural rightful leader;)

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This is the Justice League I want in a movie!

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This would be my dream movie JL lineup
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Enjoying the artwork. Keep up the great work!
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Excellent work!

I am also a fan of the DC's Justice League and i have created a series
You can check it out and leave a comment here…
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I like this! Especially Hawkgirl, she looks good in this!
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Awesome Tribute...!!!La la la la La la la la 
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Just us League......sorry.....
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This is amazing! Good job!
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superhero's standing tall together that's what I like to see double excellent job jasric
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Amazing work! You did an outstanding job!
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cool, but that's not a Superman face imho
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DC Comics and Coveroo want the world’s best undiscovered artists to bring their wicked great skills to the Justice League. Got what it takes? We’ve got serious prizes. Inquire here:
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all of them are too pretty to look real!
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