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The movie was so inspirational! just quickly playing around with photoshop:heart:
Again, meant to post this weeks ago ahhh

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I have an upcoming album.

May I use this image for my album art?

Hi, I was wondering if I could use this as my banner for my youtube channel? it is the coolest one I have found online and was not very easy to find but I am happy I did. I will post the link in this comment once my first video is out and it is available. I will give a link to this page in the description of my channel. Thank You
Could I post this on an Instagram account to promote digital art and creativity? I'd of course credit you and link your deviantart in the description.
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I for one haven't seen 'Interstellar', but the use of colour and how they blend is really nice. It captures that other worldly atmosphere.
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i hope you dont mind me placing your art on a music i remastered…

if you want it off just tell me, i put the link to your art in the description 
do you think we could work something out where I could use this as album art for an upcoming song of mine?
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Favorite movie, favourite fanart.
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Fantastic piece, considering for use here:
very awsomeeee
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Love it! Great work!!
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Awesome. Simply awesome.
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This movie is fantastic, but watching it in the theaters gave me a huge headache. Anyone else?
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One of my favourite movie EVER ! Good job on this drawing :)
Good work!! :D

Where can I download it? That's for my desktop on my laptop ^^
If I can't, no problem I respect your beautiful work ;)
Hans Zimmer <33333333333333333333
I have to think on his music, when I see this pic <3
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Beautiful piece! Considering using as cover art for my next release, Pulsar.

It'll be posted here
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Truly remarkable! 
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Can i have this wallpaper for free? I just love it  
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"It’s not impossible, it’s necessary."
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The burst of colors looks almost like wings on him.
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wwooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh love this style :D
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hey would you be ok with me using this on a youtube video?
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