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Finally finished:D I know so many of you have been asking me about my next wonderbat piece...and I abandoned my other one from instagram (I'll get back to it later maybe) but I'm super excited to show you guys this :heart::heart: I probably could have spent more time on it but ah I already spent so much and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:love: 

Close up on my tumblr: jasric.tumblr.com/post/1090604…

also the Arkham Knight Batman design is the best thing to ever happen to me :faint:
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Love it!!! Beautiful!!! Bravo on finishing it. :)

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this is the best wonderbat piece ever
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Nice but no. I don't ship these two because for one, Wonder Woman would just break his back if anything was to happen. Superman is the only one to withstand Wonder Woman's strength.
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That makes no logical sense. Batman fights beings stronger than him all the time, and Superman is literally pounding the shit outta Lois all the and got her pregnant.

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You're again here bro, I know I looked at the date. 😂😂😂😂.
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Lol, yeah. I wasn't too much of a WonderBat fan back then. 
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I like the way he looks at her in this one. He's more enjoyable to watch than I'd expected from Ben Affleck, but your Batman is better than his Batman, and your Wonder Woman is stupendous and sexy gorgeous, knowit.
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It's an nice picture and I like this ship more than Superman and Wonder Woman, but it is still pretty weird too me. Could someone explain why you think these two should go together?
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I shall be the one to explain it to you! :D
Well in "Justice League"(was an animated series in i think 2009) Batman and WW flirted a lot with each other, like a lot. And on one episode, it looked like WW sacrificed herself to stop a bomb, while doing so WW crashed with the Bomb into the ground and got buried under it. Batman saw this and got scared, he ran to the bomb and started digging with his bare hands however after a few seconds Manhunter stopped him and Bats looked really sad. A few moments later WW made it out herself.

While the crowd celebrated the Justice League, WW saw that Batmans hands were dirty from digging. With a smile on her face she kissed Bats which acutally made him blush and turn around.

They even considered a real relationship but Batman later refused because he didnt want anyone else get hurt because they got near him.
My English isnt the best but hopefully you could understand it ^^
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But why are these two characters a good match for each other?
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Everyone makes their own reasons but generally i think its because everyone who doesnt like Superman or just doesnt like Sups&WW in general, thinks that because of the flirting and some scenes of Justice League and (i think it was called) Young Justice that they fit each other.

Also some side facts:
-The producers of "Justice League" said that Superman&WW is boring and too obvious
-Batmans sacrificing overprotective personality showed WW that Man arent all fools like everyone says on themyscira.

btw. if you want to see the romantic moments and all that stuff here´s a link for it(Youtube)
Ofc, im not telling you too agree with the pairing, everyone has their own OTP´s and thats good :)
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I still don't like it. I think Wonder Woman shouldn't need a man in her life and I think Catwoman is better for Batman because she would force him into get the stick out of his ass and enjoy life. But that's just me.
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Catwoman regularly manipulates Bruce and chrushes his emotions all the time. They literally have to write her ooc as a hero Fri them to fit. Batman and Wonder Woman have had flirtations and feelings way before the animated TV show in the JLA comics. She loved and respected even though he's powerless he still kept fighting.

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"Make out with me....BECAUSE I'M BATAMAN" - First thing that comes to mind when looking at this
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very cool indeed
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Although I'm not a batman fan, I still really like this piece. Both figures look great and the background scenery is amazing. I like your version of Wonder Woman. You  make her look like an Amazon who is beautiful and strong who can hold her own in a fight.
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Love that you actually make her relatively tall! 
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