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October 10, 2014
DC Trinity Genderswap by jasric

The suggester says, "I laughed when I saw this because it's so accurate! I love jasric's rendition of the DC Heroes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman!"
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Suggested by iingo
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DC Trinity Genderswap

Separately on tumblr here:…

Okay so this was so much freaking fun to draw!:heart:

Daniel Clara and Breanna :)

bmww version:
Daniel and Breanna by jasric

WOWOWOWOWOW WOW WOW!!! A DD!! WOW!!!! Thank you SO SO SO much for all of your comments! I'm reading all of them and they are so overwhelming! Thanks a million and I'm so sorry I can't respond to all of them but please know I appreciate them SO SO much!! :heart::hug::glomp:

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SupermanLovesAspen's avatar
Kala-El / Clara Josephine Kent, played by Lucy Griffiths = my dream
mdizzle999872's avatar
"Is he with you?"

"I thought he was with you!"
This is SO good ; the art must have taken you 2 weeks! Thank you!
Daviddv1202's avatar
Daniel Prince, Clara Kent and Breana Wayne! Looks awesome! 
JousimusPrime's avatar
WonderMan, SuperWoman and BatWoman.
MutantBabyProduction's avatar
So is your male version of Wonder Woman called Wonder Man? Because Marvel already has a Wonder Man.
MetroXLR's avatar
Technically, a better name for the male Wonder Woman is "Marvel Man"
(but, that would just get Marvel even more riled up. Despite the fact that DC still has a "Mary Marvel" character.)
MutantBabyProduction's avatar
Speaking of Marvel Man, there was a big controversy over the rights to a character named Marvel Man who appeared in Marvel UK in the late 80s. Todd McFarlane, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore were involved. They changed the name to Miracle Man and the rights went back to Marvel. Of course Todd McFarlane lost but atleast his character Angela is more popular with Marvel than it was with Image so there's that. :)
FLASHFAN123's avatar
They'll use here age as leverage to force Marvel into changing his name. That's what they did with Captain Marvel.
IlyaRysenkov's avatar
I like that. They look awesome!
myartisgreat's avatar
All of the yes. 
OMG PLEASE! PLEASE do a Genderswapped Flash and Professor Zoom! Or Reverse-Flash and Flash. ^_^ OMG OMG
daemonical's avatar
Vindexrix's avatar
OddGarfield's avatar
Why do you and others insist on doing this, is it some type of sexism movement?
Shellsock's avatar
No, some people just wonder what their fav dude heroes would look like as women, and vice versa
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
So... would pre-new 54 Wonderman here be wearing pants... or that one piece swimsuit thing Wonder Woman always wore...
Lightstroke94's avatar
Such a fun idea! I love the rendering, too. :heart:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

awesomgrl07's avatar
Omg this is amazing, I love it :-)
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