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Zelda Wii U: The Chase

EDIT: The latest piece (two years later!): TLOZ: Breath Of The Wild by EternaLegend


(Couldn't think of a better title).
This is another version that I sketched up after the first one I did, which I then later on decided to polish up. This time around however, I wanted to add a bit more detail to my works instead of just blurring up the background and adding more traditional inspired textures.
I'm really trying to "oomph" my colour and light theory into my artworks from here on out, so this gave me an excuse to play around more with it.
This is my excuse of a horse. I'm still trying to practice drawing them (to all the horse anatomy experts out there!).

Watch the Zelda Wii U trailer on youtube if you haven't done so already/not sure what this artwork is about.-->…


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I have info you people Might be interested in! I still have a few things that need to be worked out so keep an eye out!
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Your art is amazing! I just wish they hadn't changed Epona's mane color. The white mane was her main (no pun intended) defining characteristic, and now she looks just like any other horse.
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I'm still wondering why Nintendo decided to give Epona a black mane instead of white this time.  Oh well, it looks cool. :3
Ilovezeldaderp's avatar
I know! Since when did Epona have a black mane? Well at least they're changing it up a little.
SDRseries's avatar
Yeah, and after all, each incarnation of Epona is different just like Link.
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I'm so excited for this game!!! this artwork is beautiful, too!
PapmasheeKuchen's avatar
It looks so cool.
I like it <3
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
Wasn't his cloak black?
Jasqreate's avatar
Nah it's a dark green.
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
No, I just checked on google images, and I checked the reveal teaser again. It was black. I've also been following youtube channels for updates for the game, and they've all mentioned the black cloak as well. In fact, I've seen plenty of things about the game, but this the first I've seen of someone thinking the cloak is green. Its even black in other fan art
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Hmm... Really? It just comes off as dark green to me. Like in this particular screenshot:…
I'm not saying you're wrong, btw. We probably see colours differently on a screen or something.
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
Probably, because I look at that cloak and see black(although the bottom of the close up does look like its tinted green). All I know is that everyone I've seen has said that it was black, so its probably just a colour thing
AlkseeyaKC's avatar
This is awesome!
UltimateLifeFormACYP's avatar
Anyone else notice that in the trailer, Link looked like a girl?
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
I didn't think so. He does look more feminine, but that's mainly due to the art style
UltimateLifeFormACYP's avatar
I realize that now. Kinda wish that Wii-U Link turned out to be a girl. It'd be a cool twist.
DA-MANLY-MAN's avatar
It would be interesting, but people would just complain
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I love it ~ 
Epona looks so happy ♥
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This is AWESOME!
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