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October 13, 2014
The King of Evil by EternaLegend

The suggester says, "Excellent detail and color! An amazing fan art for one of the most respected videogame villains!"
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The King of Evil

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It's been a while since I last drew Ganondorf. After seeing him revealed in Hyrule Warriors in that epic new outfit and design, I got inspired to draw this piece.
I tweaked a bit of his designs for personal taste and to really push the "King of Evil" title.

Here is a previous artwork of Ganondorf that I drew last year.… It's kind of interesting how much you can improve in a year!

Thank you for the comments!


Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation! :heart:


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His hair oml you are amazing

narrva's avatar
Holy cow that's magnificent!  Just looking at it makes me want to stab it in the face!  Which is a compliment.
Shadowgirlfan's avatar
he looks so cool and so hot and this at the same time!
my favourite version of Ganondorf
noside124's avatar
I don't even like this version of Ganondorf, but I like how he looks here.
FKDemetri's avatar
This is majestic~~ 
albedo238's avatar
Nervous Nick as Ganondorf: "These toys are too much for you. I command you to... play me in a game of tennis." :D

All kidding aside, this is just a badass looking pic of Ganondorf.  You captured the pure essence of the Demon King perfectly. ;)
Jasqreate's avatar
Haha, thanks! ^^
ragedaisy's avatar
wow 0_o
this is so amazing! I love the hair and various textures
Jasqreate's avatar
Ahrii92's avatar
First thing that came to my mind was: "Because you're worth it" -L'Oréal
LeanderFVK's avatar
That is incredible!
Matt-Flame's avatar
good ol Liondorf
This is a splendid coloring!
Akuba-Link's avatar
Juste sublime !!
TwilightPrincess88's avatar
Dude all your work is exquisitely beautiful!!! :)
Jasqreate's avatar
Thank you!! <3
Ajax94's avatar
You draw so well! :D
awsomness123's avatar
Beautyfull flowing hair
XOrdinary1998's avatar
I laughed SOOO hard when I saw Ganondorf's design for Hyrule Warriors. "LOOK. At those LUSCIOUS LOCKS." :XD: Bro, you made this picture so amazingly well. His hair looks like fire, and it's AWESOME. Great work!
Jasqreate's avatar
XOrdinary1998's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
FKDemetri's avatar
This majestic mofo~  owo love him~
JulietWeiss's avatar
I wonder how long it took for you to make this drawing... It's just amazing! The colors are beautiful. Love 
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