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Saria's Song

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Photoshop CS5 + Wacom tablet.


Saria playing her ocarina in my personal version of the Lost Woods with some OoT residents tuning in.
When I was creating this artwork I learned that Saria's fairy keeps changing colour, so I stuck with pink as it adds a nice contrast to all the blue/green.

I have saved a screenshot of this artwork's early stages which you can view right here.--> Saria Wip


LoZ - Sibling Teamwork by EternaLegend The King of Evil by EternaLegend Zelda Wii U: The Chase by EternaLegend
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Hello! I think this is absolutely beautiful. Could I use this in a video for a music cover with credits?

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The idea of this drawing is really good! And you are really talented. Thank you for showing your arts.
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Excuse me Sir/Ma'am but may i perhaps borrow your photo in a video i'm making. I promise to give you 100% credit and a link to your work so my subs can check out your work. 
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Sure thing! Thanks for asking!
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Reminds me of my home country where I myself would serenade the frogs....... poison frogs....

..... I died. 
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Oh wooooww! O.o That's stunning! Hee hee :D
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Just now realized that I never added this masterpiece to my favourites. Should have done that a looooooooooong time ago^^ Better late than never, I guess. I absolutely adore this piece. Not just because I like Saria as a character a lot, but because of that whole quiet, and peacefull atmosphere. Also those two small deku scrubs - they're just too cute! Your Zelda artworks are always one of a kind. Once again, well done!
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Thank you very much!
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that amazing,  I love it. Lost wood one of the best place to me.
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Ah, Saria, she'll always be one of my favourite LOZ supporting characters. This is gorgeous! <3
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I can hear the song of lost woods! (in a ballade mode of course haha)
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I think this is so sweet; I like how those little frogs and Deku Scrubs are watching Saria as she plays her ocarina, and how Skull Kid is hiding behind that tree in the background.  The glowing fairy and fireflies look great, and I love how detailed all the plants and trees are. This picture shows the peace and innocence and cheer of the Kokiri Forest very well.
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this game is a classic! It's one of my favorite games along with rayman 2
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Aww the dekus look really cute too XD
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CUTE!! ^^ <3 Saria!! :3
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That game will always make me nostalgic 
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Saria the eternal child is my favorite sage!
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Man I wish she was in Hyrule Warriors...
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